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How To Become a Freelance writer- What To Know, Where To Start

Wishing you were being paid to write? Don’t know where to start? Here are some basic steps to help you become a money-making freelancer.

There are many ways to go about starting a freelance career. Many successful freelance writers begin through freelance hiring websites like Freelancer. There are also websites like Upwork and Fiverr that allow freelancers to sell their services.

 The very first step of any, though, is to look into freelancing- research it and get a feel for what’s out there. Then of course, take a look at your skills. A few that will be especially helpful to you are:

Organizational skills– know how to set your schedule and keep a notebook of assignments and a spreadsheet of costs/payments. Maybe even plan what article or topic you’ll be writing about/posting if you have a blog. Getting into a routine will serve you well.

Your writing ability– Do you wake up in the morning with an inspiration to write? Is it something you love? This is a great start. Practice-writing articles or short stories can sharpen your writing skills. To that end, getting on a site like WordPress and starting a blog can be extremely helpful. And in that case…

Start a blog- Most freelance writers who become very successful in their work, say this is one of the best things they did for their career. And it’s one of the best ways to keep a growing portfolio, show off your skills, and get your name out there.

Writing tips- Know your voice (and your client’s voice). What are you writing about? What are you trying to convey? Who are you writing for? Lots of companies want to know that you can catch on to their style and write for them in their business’s tone.

Also, if you’re going for less formal and more casual/conversational, when typing out your blog post, format your article as if each thought is its own paragraph. This creates white space, making it more pleasing and easier to read.

Get out there!- This is the biggest tip to take with you. Just get out there. Start anywhere. Writers land some pretty good gigs just starting on a freelance hiring website. It may not pay a lot, but you’ll get a nice profile rolling, and you’ll be making something.

Start a social media page- This will help you spread your name and connect with the community. You can share your blog post and have it viewed faster.

Setting your price- Know your targeted client and their budget, if you know the value of your writing and can find someone who is able to pay up for it, you can make some good money. In that case, research your clients.

And hey, good news! Freelance writing is on the rise. Companies are beginning to seek out freelance writers, marketers, and consultants. That’s a good thing for us!


For more information, and some tips for your particular style of writing, visit this helpful website to find blog posts geared toward your specific desired writing career. Happy Writing!

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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