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How Much Does it Take to Write a Simple Page or Two?!

My writing process includes a lot of… what!?

Hey guys! It’s Thursday, which means the week is almost over (XD), BUT I did promise you all a look into my writing process. So here it is:

  1. An Idea

Every one of my pieces of writing start with an inspiration or an idea. Sometimes, it’s an inspiration that I’ve rolled over in my mind for a few months or even a year before deciding to actually write it… crazy, i know.

2. Just Jot it Down

Then I simply just start writing. Even if it doesn’t make sense at first. The first write-up (95% of the time) never ends up being what i use- it’s just to get my rough ideas down and on paper so I can work with them from there.

3. Fluffing it Up/ research

This is my first round of revisions, and I like to say that I’m adding the fluff- the good stuff; sprucing it up. This is usually when I go and replace words that don’t work, add or revise the adverbs I used, and start making sense of the paragraphs. This part of the revision is when it starts sounding good. And I start adding in the hard facts about my rough ideas.

4. Editing

I do technically edit a little bit when I’m going through the third time, but these edits are a little more structural. Like, if i have a run-on sentance, I’ll fix that, or if a paragraph needs to become two, I make that revision as well. It’s really more technical, whereas the last revision is more additional.

5. Further revision

I go through this process every time I write a segment of about 5-8 paragraphs; it makes it easier to skim through when it’s only a few bite-sizes, than when it’s a whole book ( ;D ). Also, every time I pick back up on a writing project, I re-read what I’ve written so far… every time. I want to keep the voice, the characters, the storyline consistent. I also go through and touch-up some things as I’m re-reading. Things such as, an addition I wasn’t super sure about, or a fact I felt like I needed more research on, or just the way I worded a sentance.

So,… that’s pretty much a rough layout of my drafting process. This is one of the reasons I actually was afraid to post my book I’m in process of writing, because even now, some things in Chapter one have changed (minor things, mostly). So, I’m super cautious about when I’m going to post Chapter Two, because I want as little as possible to change after I post it. (Otherwise, chapter three might not make sense).

Although, this is my basic process, sometimes there are less steps, or more steps- depending on what I’m writing. My book has obviously gone through more than 10 revisions already (and It’s only got two chapters, lol), and will be going through many more.

Thanks for following me and being part of the PoppinTalk fam. As a quick reminder, love is a verb; it is much more than just words you say, and it goes towards more than just the people you know- it applies even to strangers. Remember to give someone an encouraging word today, be patient with someone- it really goes a long way (and you never know what people are going through- so be extra gracious). Pep Talk over (XD). Love you all, and I’ll see you next week!

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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