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Halloween- It’s Spooky Season, Y’all :)

It is now November, so it’s definitely Christmas time. BUT, my Halloween was one to remember. I created a get up and go costume for a special occasion… and it might have been hilariously rediculous 😂

There is most definitely a bag of Twix and M&Ms and snickers downstairs right next to a bag filled with starburst and skittles and whatnot, that I have ABSOLUTELY been eating since October 29th. If you were wondering, the bags are almost gone- (but most of it was the trick or treaters 😉).

Some of my favorite childhood memories were going to the harvest festival at my church and winning Dots and Twizzlers by racing through the blow-up jungle gym and having a free pass to eat candy past normal bedtime.

That night just feels special from all the other mundane school nights. It almost feels like a mini vacation- a reason to have a little fun.

Well, this year, I saw an ad for a Krispy Kreme Halloween special: if you wear a costume and visit one of the stores, you get a free donut.

I had a hard time finding a costume in the weeks leading up to October 31st, but as soon as I saw that ad (it was October 30, I’m not even gonna lie) I decided I needed to think of something. And what I came up with was literally hilarious- or maybe ridiculous…

In the morning, as I contemplated my Krispy Kreme excursion, I thought of what supplies I already had at hand for a quick costume that doesn’t say, “I just thought of this 2 hours ago”. I remembered I had a white shirt, white shorts and paper, so, I did what anyone would do…

I became milk for Halloween. On a sheet of normal printer paper (which I cut in half, hamburger-wise), I wrote “MILK 2% Normal” and on the other sheet, I wrote “rest % CRAZY”; the latter would go on the back of my white shirt. Then I proceeded to cut a carton handle out of card stock paper to tape to the side of my shirt, and found a blue beanie cap to wear as a jug cap.

It might’ve been a little “get-up” ish, but it served its purpose and I successfully got that free donut. I obviously picked out the orange monster one 🙂

But, now that Halloween is over, I am skipping ahead to Christmas. So deck the halls, folks! I have already started that Hallmark Christmas movie marathon- and I’m already thinking about Christmas trees and cocoa ☺️ catch me back here with an ugly sweater on and a warm mug in my hand 🙂 (I might also have Christmas lights dramatically draped over my shoulders like a tangled necklace- that’s what I picture 😄)

So happy late Halloween and MERRY CHRISTMAS, oh and happy thanksgiving 🙂

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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It’s not even halloween yet, but I cracked up reading this old post from two years ago. This is hilarious. Please enjoy laughing your head of as you traverse through my October of 2019 journey 😂


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