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Piano Man

Your dreams are beautiful hidden talent; shine like only you can. Don’t give up, no matter the criticism.

In a small corner coffee shop, there sat a soundless electric piano. Unplugged for years, only the click of the keys could be heard when they were touched. Nonetheless, an elderly man, who was deaf, came every morning to enjoy the craft that he’d learned as a young boy. He took a seat at the wooden bench and danced his fingers along the board as if there were melodious sounds that came from his art.

People looked his way and laughed, “there’s no point in him doing that”, they’d say, “his talent is completely useless”!

Yet, everyday he’d sit and play on those keys. The shop owner admired the talent of the man, even if no one could hear the fruits of his ability, so that evening, he bought a brand new grand piano and placed it where the old electric one sat.

The next morning, when the old deaf man sat to play, the air bellowed melodiously with Mozart and Beethoven and everyone who sat hugging their mugs of espresso sat shocked at his talent that hadn’t been evident in years. Finally, they understood why he played. And, although beforehand no one saw the value in it, they awakened to see that his gift was not useless; rather, it was hidden beauty, an art that many simply did not see.

The moral of the story is this, do not give up on your dreams just because other people don’t see the point of your talent. You see the beauty in it, it is your ability, your gift, let it shine, because one day, it will have its time and everyone will finally realize what you see in it. Value your art (no matter the art), and one day, maybe they’ll see the colors and the beauty that you do. Don’t stop playing your own music, it is purposeful, let people realize that in the time that you shine.

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