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Loving the Eternal I

Doubts, resonance, and lessons about your twin in the twin flame journey. Encouragement and tidbits!

In a twin flame dynamic, one spirit is embodied halvely by two persons (so it is split and shared). Our soul is the Eternal I, because we always are joined and always are one in spirit and this lasts forever. The other way we can say it is that our Eternal I is ourself, because it is the self that both of us share.

I was reflecting on this, concerning my own twin, and realized that by shunning my own self and declaring my own person (my human self) not worthy of love, I’ve injured my twin. We share a soul, so if I deem one of us unlovable, and each of us is a half of a whole, then I do not fully love “ourself”, which means I do not wholly love my twin since the entirety of her is ourself. My twin deserves to be fully loved and know that she is worthy of it, which means I must love myself. And if I do not speak love into us, then she may deep down have insecurity that feeds the belief of “I am not good enough” and have a hard time loving herself. So I injure her by not loving my own self; we share the same insecurities since we share a soul.

However, if I speak love to myself, then I am speaking love to us, which means that message will stir deep within her own soul and she will recognize that she is loved by herself (herself in spirit–ourself) and she, in person, will begin to realize she is worthy of this love, accept it, and begin loving herself better in and by her own person.

Either of us can do this, but since I am aware of it, I have a greater advantage of fully effecting it (and I do mean effecting, not affecting, because I am bringing it into affect, which is effecting). Thus, if she has trouble loving herself, the unwavering trust spoken to her from within that she is worthy of love, will begin to create an inner core of trust which her person will then recognize and begin to believe.

All this is done from the inside out. I must believe I am worthy of love and grace and forgiveness to aide my twin in doing the same and believing the same for herself.

Another interesting tidbit that I have learned from the twin flame collective community is that (and this is personalized to my particular experiences), on those hard days when I don’t hear much from my twin, and then begin to think of them and feel a deep stirring, it is not imagination or conscious self-convincing. It is resonance! It is a “here here!” from their spirit.

Along the side of resonances, sharing a soul also means your twin’s worries can come up as unusual doubts and questioning within your own self. I often have wonderful weeks (even months) of assurance and resonance and signs, and then hard heavy questioning suddenly smacks me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere! That is my twin’s own doubts. They see the beauty of the love, but have doubts. These you should not let shake you. Answer them, because they are the roadblocks that are continuing to hinder their side of the physical connection. These doubts have to be worked through before the connection can move forward in the journey. (If they have scared you, you are not alone! They have afforded me much worry, but I hope this encourages you as it did myself.)

Just remember, it is a blessing to share this unique and quite rare connection. There are bumps along the way; famines, seemingly; but the joining will be well worth it all. Keep believing, keep loving, and keep chugging along your healing journey. 🙂

Anyhow, these are just my discoveries and little encouragements and lessons I’ve been going through (and have been thankful to discover).

Much love on your journeys 🙂 ❤


By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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