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The Character of Spirits

Your spirit is basically you… your most confident, and fully healed self 🙂

Spirits are very interesting and unique beings. We each have one, the core of ourselves–our essence. But what is their character like? Are we different in spirit than in person? The answer is quite simple: yes and no… but it requires a little explaining…

It is well known, at least among spiritual or religious communities that our spirits reside within us. However, many of us have become so heavily involved in the physical world that we forget all about our core. The teen motto “find yourself” really is direction to just that: connect with your spirit, because it knows you better than you (your physical person) does.

On your journey to self-discovery, you may wonder: “Even if I lose myself, and haven’t been in tune with my spirit, doesn’t it still guide me to my purpose?” Yes. But a spirit can only work so hard against your physical barricades while still respecting you. Humans are very insistent, stubborn, and quite blind. You unknowingly can continue to go against your own well-being and think you are taking the right direction–because the world told you you are. If you are too heavily involved in your physical world, and not in-tune with the spiritual world, then your physical self will often take the helm and follow the physical world, since that is what you gave power to. However, your soul will still always be putting opportunities in your way to lead you to your best journey. You just have to be on the lookout for those things, and be okay when you begin to grow in happiness, but lose worldly approval. However, people do usually and eventually roughly follow their spirit’s path.

All that seems a little intense, so I’ll get to the interesting part. How does your soul speak? A person’s spirit is the most healthy and most confident “version” of them. A spirit shows much of your personality, but is not affected at all by your traumas or insecurities. Reason being is that, not only are all those things events which occur to your physical self, but spirits also don’t trifle much with human affairs. Let’s put it this way, half the stuff on instagram, your spirit cares nothing about. They don’t care what you had for lunch or what you wore or all the details about all the conversations you have. These are all very human things. What spirits are interested in is your well-being and your state. They pay attention to your emotions, your heart, your intentions, and the way your environment affects you.

Thusly, when you speak with a spirit, their words are short and to the point. They have no question about who they are and what they’re about. They are beings of little words, and often much repetition. If a spirit is serious about something, it often repeats it three times. And if the message does not come across or is met with doubt, it may repeat it another three times.

When asking for elaboration on a message, a spirit may tarry to tell you, essentially drop a message at your doorstep, or leave altogether and have you figure it out on your own. Spirits do things purposely, so when they leave, they do not do it to confuse you or to play jokes on you and cause you stress; they leave in times when it is not their job to figure it out for you. Oftentimes, it is something you ought to have already figured out and their message was already only a courtesy.

Now, I must address the “words” they speak with. Spirits do not necessarily speak with words. They speak with concepts and our own spirits must correspond with our persons that our persons might be able to translate into words what the concept was so our persons understand (if we do this all consciously). It is often not difficult at all to interpret a message from a spirit, since their messages are very firm and to the point. But, as we are human beings, sometimes we can interpret something wrong; therefore, when speaking with spirits, we must take everything with a grain of salt, unless we are God himself (which none of us are).

“What do I do when I think I am crazy talking to spirits?” Take a break from it or stop altogether. None of this is supposed to cause you unhealth or unrest. No kind spirit is going to reprimand you for not speaking with them. Spirits are often very respectful beings.

On the topic of respect, not only are they respectful to you, but they are respectful to themselves. If a spirit does not want to be spoken to, they will shamelessly and simply (basically) shut the door in your face. As I said before, they are not affected by worldly standards, nor do they care what the world thinks; this means that they will not be walked on like a mat out of insecurity for what someone would think of them. They know who they are and what they are about and respect their health and boundaries–they’ll let you deal with how you feel about that, because that is your responsibility, not theirs, and they know that.

Even though they are blunt and know when they’ve run out of space or energy to hold a conversation with you, sometimes they will give you a brief reason why they are busy, or will come back later and address it then. They are healthy, not brutally and unnecessarily rude. If you don’t get a reason from them, then it wasn’t your business–they don’t share things that aren’t for you to know.

I’d like to address another thing about them respecting themselves. Spirits are free beings. They speak to whomever they want whenever they want, no matter the distance. They can do whatever they deem fit, within their heavenly allowance. But, even though a spirit can act without their person’s conscious knowledge, they will respect their person’s wishes as much as they can, until it is unnecessary. As such: You want one thing, that thing that goes against your core. Your spirit tries to guide you another way, knowing you’re going off course. They will do what they can to convince you to take the right path. This is in the case of when they know that you don’t know better. However, if you need a break, and are energetically empty, they will not go and try to conquer the world without you; they will reserve the energy they have to take care of your most necessary things and the things you are concentrating on and aide you in healing from your depletion. This is in one of those cases when a spirit might shut the door on you– they are respecting their person’s wishes.

Another way a spirit might respect their person’s wishes in shutting the door on you, is observing time windows. Spirits do not put you on a fast track to anywhere, they are quite leisure (with purpose). If a thing must get done and there is much time to do it (even years), and you are working through fears and insecurities, they will encourage you, but not forcefully haul you to wherever they wish. Or if you are apprehensive, they will allow you the time to figure things out, or go the wrong way for a while, until the window for that time-period in your journey is over and you must be prepared for the next step and procrastination is no longer an option. During the time window, if the person is not ready to give their energy to you, their spirit will respect that, and you will most likely not be able to communicate during that time.

Speaking of time windows, if a time window on an important chapter runs out and you’ve not made it by yourself to the place you should have been, you may notice major physical shifts in your life all at once. This can be overwhelming, but it is literally your soul having created a plan b and doing the dirty work it kept telling you to get done. It is time to move forward and now they’ve already corresponded with the heavens to make that change for you, whether you feel like it or not. This is in cases of preparation for big things and lessons that you must be equipped with or for to move to the next step of your best life and best self. This does not happen in cases of wanting to buy a new car, for example: that is your person’s business, and your spirit does not care much what kind of car you have, so it will not necessarily be helping you with that goal or deadline. It also does not happen in cases of school projects or work projects. This only happens in cases of, “it’s time for you to get your shit together because big things are in store that are right around the corner”.

I hope this served to be an interesting read! Spirits are definitely interesting and quite incredible. These things that I’ve talked about here are only things I have personal experience with, maybe yours was different! Tell me an interesting tidbit you’ve found on your spiritual journey, if you’d like to share 🙂

Always remember to respect others and respect yourself–take it from your spirit, that’s what the good ones aim for 😉


By Alix Mizen

Author of the Otherworld Soul Poetry series. Book one is coming soon, book two is on its way, and a third titled "The Long, the Dark, and the Unsuitable" is in progress! And of course, "The 'Eternal I'" is in the works :)
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