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Love, My Dears

“You will be so thankful when you find the one who will share with you the cherishing of one another’s souls.”

“Love is not a straight line, dears. it is a forest. It is undiscovered land, for each must discover love on their own. It can be read about, and heard of, but it can only be understood when it is felt. And even, aside of all this, each love has a different path, after all it is between two unique people whose stories have never been written before. Their lives unique in themselves, their joining more so unique because of the connection of the two already unique. Every combination is one never exactly matched. And this makes every love special in its own way. But, it must be love for it to be special, my loves. That must not be forgotten. Uniqueness is no excuse for the affliction of pain. I mention this, because toxic love also takes many forms, and wherever love is talked about with a call for hope, wisdom must also be shared. It is foolish to make excuses for lies, and toxic love is not love at all, it is hidden hate. You must be cautious. Cautious and patient with the journey of life. Rushing is unnecessary. What will come, will come. What will not, will not. True love is sure and trustworthy and needs not rushed. Things will happen in their time. True love is worth the patient wait. But I know we all have such antsiness within us to join our souls with our loves. Do not let this antsiness steal you away from your path and from your love and draw you into the lion’s den. No, be patient. You will be so thankful when you find the one who will share with you the cherishing of one another’s souls.”

–Amalei Hemworth

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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