love poetry

To Love You Reverently—of loving true and pure

You deserve to be treated and handled as a gift and a blessing ❤️
Because you are and that is absolute truth

“I am yours.” You whisper to me,

but, my love, you are not. You are yours.

And that is what makes your giving of yourself to me so special to me: that you would want to share yourself with me.

That my loving of you makes you feel loved.

My dear, in every way you love me, let it be loving to you.

Do not think that you love me in performing for me. I do not want you to perform for me, or to give me your lips because you think that it is your duty or that you ought to.

My love, it is love that I wish to share with you. It must be an exchange!

You are special to me, and any giving of yourself to me is special to me. I cherish and treasure you. I love you reverently! I am thankful for your presence and cherish whatever of yourself that you give me:

Even your words! Even your worries for me to listen to, even your concerns; even your joys! Your voice is special to me, your words of heart and mind are special to me. These you give to me, too.

Reverently, you deserve to be loved reverently. To, when you give from true will of your heart to me—to anyone—to be taken reverently and treasured and cherished in a way that loves you. In a way that speaks and conveys love to you.

Do you know which love I speak of? The kind that shows your immense and irreplaceable worth and incredible and undeniable value and the truth—the universal truth; whether observed or acknowledged or recognized by anyone or not—that you are worth patience and respect and self-control and cherishing and treasuring and goodness and all good things. The kind that is safe and brings you peace. Peace, my love, peace. Undeniable peace. This is what love I mean. This is the love I speak of. The love that takes true consideration of you in it’s actions and only means and acts with goodwill upon you. In truth and purity of heart. With thankfulness of you and who you are whether had or not.

You are a gift. When you give of any of yourself to me, let it be from the will of your own heart and true desire. Your love of me must love you too.

You are yours. You are your own. You are independent, and this is what makes it so special when you wish for me to love you, when you let me cherish you and reverently love you.

When you give me anything, think first, consider first, yourself. If it brings you joy and will bring you joy and if you want it with all the truth in your heart and if it will be loving toward you, then it will bring me joy alongside you.

My love, you are a treasure to me! When you give of yourself to me as a performance that you believe will please me, then you’ve strayed from the love I wish to love you with!

My love, do not give me your lips unless you wish for me to have them, and unless you give them as a precious gift to be treasured.

It is special to me when I get to love you when you want to be loved. And I am thankful for your boundaries, that I can love you even in not touching you.

The times you wish to be loved, I want to love you reverently. And in the times you do not wish or will to give of any of yourself to me, then still i enjoy you! I admire and am thankful for you; that you are an independent entity that I have the blessing of knowing.

This is loving to us both. For you to be loved in reverence to your precious worth and when it is a gifting of me to show to you that you are a special treasure and treat you in only such a way. This is how love ought to be, my love. Whether it is recognized or acknowledged or believed or seen or practiced past or present by anyone or not, it is truth and it is what you deserve.

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