Lover Gone

I’ve felt it, my love. Some kind of separation between us. Another tear in the heavens, where its curtain of love was ripped apart by human hands.

I wonder should I love you still, or should I let you go and move on to love other lovers who I’ve yet to meet?

Could I love the girl at the coffee shop? Could I still, if you came back?

What is your life that you are scared of sharing it with me? Cigarette stores and drunken evenings? My love is an ocean that would drown it all. Hundreds of kitties on the porch and on the couch? I love kittens, bring them in! Pain and scars you’ve yet to heal? Let me love them. Angry at the world and always have your fists up to fight those who’ve wronged you? I’m angry that this world has hurt you, too. Our home can be your place of peace.

I could picture us on some nice land in the country. Horses in the stalls. A nice country home with a rocking chair on the porch and a fireplace in the living room for cold nights. Our love will keep us warm. Our passion will be the fire that keeps our hearth going on dark and wintery nights.

You doubt this love. You doubt yourself, but I do not. I do not doubt that our love could blossom beyond our imagination, if only we let it.

You are scared to fall, but I will catch you. You are scared that this love is just boards over a hole in the floor, but it is not. This love is bedrock and foundation. With gentleness and patience, we can grow this into a peaceful place of unconditional love. Believe in our beautiful love, I believe in you. We will take it day by day, step by step, slowly. This love will earn your trust over time.

Oh, my love, I miss you. My heart is too tired to write of all this pain again. But know that I love you. I am feeling hopeless, but there is still a string tying me to you… I still cannot confidently love another. Please do not drag me, my love.

By Alix Mizen

Author of the Otherworld Soul Poetry series (The Universe Inside Her: A series of poems and letters, The Universe Inside Her II: A Book of Unsorted Poetic Letters (co-author)). Book one is out on Amazon! Book two is on its way, and a third titled "The Long, the Dark, and the Unsuitable" is in progress!
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