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Little Sprout 🌱

“…So fresh and green, little sprout, some day you’ll grow and spread about…”

From earth it gentle sprung—
Barely parting mother earth,
You stretch up toward the sun.

So fresh and green, little sprout,
Someday you’ll grow and spread about,
Under the earth and o’er it too.
And then you’ll tower over me,
as I here tower over you.

I only hope that I nurture you now enough
That one day you’ll nurture me.
And then when I am old, and the sun stretches my skin,
I hope you’ll provide shade and protection.

October 07. An observation while at the strawberry farm.

By Alyssa McClure

I fancy myself a writer, a tea drinker, and a stare-at-the-sky kind of gal :)
I am currently writing "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and, of course, "The 'Eternal I'" is in the works!
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