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The Earth, My Lover’s Adorer from God: A Gift From the Heavenly

I think the whole earth adores her, and I think I am blessed to be a gift God placed here for her.

An excerpt from “The Eternal I”

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I imagine quite often that the earth hushes for Kez in certain ways. Humans are such a ruckus, but nature, she hushes at Kez’s presence. It is as though God cherishes Kez through each little bird or rustle of trees or the wind. He moves the earth for her. The sun looks upon Kez with such awe of her beauty and value—for the sun could never even dream of shining as brightly as Kez does. She tries, but Kez is an angel fallen from heaven. That is how she seems to me. The wind carries love letters in whispers to her from heaven. The trees bow at the feet of the daughter of the heavenlies. The ocean laps on the shore, inches closer and closer to her, hoping to just catch a moment of her presence before receding, even kissing her feet as a servant. The mountains stand tall around her to protect her, the treasure whom they know is most valuable and precious. The earth takes slow and cautious journey around the sun, so as not to wobble her path or cause her to stumble. The clouds gather over her head to shield her from the sun’s jealousy. But even the sun respects her and lights her way and warms her. For this is the duty of all of nature, to provide all wonderful things for her. And I feel I am part of the gifts that the Lord has placed here to care for her. I get to stand next to her and walk with her and love her and use my voice to tell her all the beautiful messages of God; that she is wonderful and irreplaceable and incomparable among created things, that she is precious and worthy and lovable and special. And this is my gift, to be a gift to her, to bless her, to look after her. This is the beauty of life: to love Kez Hemworth with everything in me and to adore her with every breath I take.

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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