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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

Who’s the one that’s there through all?
Ask the fellow in the mirror, “How are you?” And this time, reply. Because that person will really always be there, and is sometimes all you’ve got, and they’ll listen. Open your own ears and your own heart to your own self.

“Maybe we look into mirrors not merely to seek beauty, regardless how illusive, but to make sure, despite the facts, that we are still here.”

Ocean Vuong, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Sometimes we need to see ourselves. To give our existence credit, or some kind of proof, or to introspect…

Sometimes, we need to see our own face to look within; to ask the person in front of us with solemn face,

“Who are you?
Where are you going?
How are you doing?
What have you been through?”

And then, maybe, we remember to be our own friend. Maybe, at least every now and again, we’ll reply, and we will talk to ourselves and feel less alone. Maybe see our own smile again for the first time in a while… and you were the one to do it–to make your own self smile.

Maybe we’ll even feel found, even by our own self.
Maybe we’ll even feel as though we’ve gained back an old friend,
or a precious child whose brightness brings joy,
or some other sweet thing–some beautiful connection–that we thought we’d long ago lost forever.

Sometimes the person in the mirror really is the only one there, and then doesn’t that make them the one you ought to thank? The one you ought to stick by?

That image in the mirror is your very own person staring back at you. They have felt every one of your pains, cried every one of your tears; they truly understand you; they truly see you; they sympathize with every aspect and every going on in your life! They have unwaveringly been there since your very birth, and there they are, still staring back at you in the mirror.

They’ve not ran from you, no matter how much you’ve wanted to run from them. So maybe it’s time to stop running away and shying away and hanging your head over the sink, and finally start looking back at those pair of eyes that have been searching for yours all this time.

Sometimes, that person is the only one you’ll have. Maybe it’s time you take their hand, and quit being ashamed at even the very sight of them… what a bad friend that is! Take a good look at that fellow; sigh; accept them in, rather than pushing them out; and love your person right.

Stick up for them. Speak kindly to them. At the end of the day, their’s is always the pair of eyes you will meet, and which will understand you, cry with you, sympathize you, and be there all night and all day for you.

Ask the sad fellow in the mirror, “How are you?” And this time, reply. Reply, cry, and realize you had a friend all along. This is how to reconnect with your own lost self.

Look into that mirror to see you are still here, to prove that you are human, and to learn to love yourself for the imperfect and flawed, struggling and brave and beautiful human being that you truly are.

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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