Advice Column

Dear, Confused Maybe-Adult

How to adult? Just take a step 🙂

First of all, congrats on being the first ever column post! Here goes!

Dear Ether,
How do I adult? 😫

Sincerely, Confused Maybe-Adult

Dear Confused Maybe-Adult,

This indeed is a tough one, but quite honestly, there is a simple answer: one foot in front of the other. No adult really knows what they’re doing. There is no graduation into adulthood or revelation or anything of the like, it is a determination that you embody. It is just your determined becoming.

With freedom indeed comes responsibility, and this is why you do your best. And then, after you do your best, you take a deep breath and let it be what it is. No one is able to control everything!

Do your best, and just take a step. There ya go!

All the best and many blessings,

By Dear Ether

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