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Becoming Each Other

Our perspective is our universe.

It is said that all those who kiss for too long become each other. They swap souls–consciences. It of course comes as a shock, at first. When you part and see your own self in front of you,… or at least the self you were. Looking in this mirror, could you, would you, love you who see?

Indeed, some people never speak again at this, they hurry out of home and never come back. You see, most people can never face themselves. But, whomever sticks through this ordeal, even just for a few days–only three– would experience a most beautiful universe and a most transcendental love.

You see, when you switch conscience from you to they, and they to you, it is not that your person or self becomes them. It is that you see from their place. You are them; as though you always had been. Only, now you also somehow entirely know the person in front of you. You know them and understand.

When this happens, nothing in the universe changes, there is still you and they, and both persons are still themselves, it is only that, to you, the whole entire universe has changed, and you see things from a corner of the universe into which you have never peered. You see and understand how they always have. You experience the being of the person you love–indeed, you also are never without them.

You are them, and you learn to love the shadows within the person standing before you, whom used to be in the mirror. It is transcending, really, because you do not change who you become, you will always be who their self will always have been. And when they are you, your mirror self will not change either, you simply will see from a whole different place in the universe. Frankly and unarguably, this changes absolutely everything.

You learn that the universe may not change with everything you experience, but little pieces of it are very affected. It may not be touched by it, but it is forever changed and different.

These lovers are a lucky few. Because now they learn to love–if they take the challenge and accept it–the person they are, the person who used to stand in front of them; and that, not in the mirror. You walk in their shoes and through their struggle and entirely, you are they. And now you must love you and they in a different way.

Some of those who walk away, come back upon the wearing away of initial shock and notice of change fades. This is because you do not remember it forever that you were ever someone else, but you earn an intense understanding of them which sometimes can be comforting and sometimes can be difficult.

As much as this comes with any good intimate relationship–the deeper knowing of someone–being as your lover is and seeing as they see, is a revelatory experience. It is joyous–as you know the love they’ve had for you, through their eyes–but it also poses many challenges to each of yours’ love.

When you look in the mirror, do you wish to flee and crawl away and cover yourself in dust? Could you love you if you ever stood before you? Would you feel horribly if your lover ever had to become you?

Do you run from challenges of love? From the fighting of each other’s inner demons? Do the shadows of common human darkness make you cringe? Could you love these in your lover? Would you be afraid that you would leave you? And leave your lover to suffer as you?

Well, kiss them a little too long and you’ll take the journey of loving you together. For, in marriage, the two become one. And maybe this is the kiss of becoming each other.

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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