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On the Day You Were Born

The day you were born was a sunrise for humanity (even the day you were conceived);
the eve of something great–indeed not even just the eve, but the beginning.
This day is most blessed by God and most sacred to the heavens.
Indeed, it is sacred and precious to me.

The day you were born, the angels sang in chorus. The trees hushed to a calm sway and the sky moved slower that day.

The clouds meandered, just to peek at this wondrous treasure; to observe the greatest work of God Almighty.

The grass and the wind knew you were born and the grass waved in praise of the Lord. The wind was gentle, so as not disturb this precious babe.

The stars in the sky knew that this most beautiful work had entered the earth and they sparkled extra brightly and extra strong that day.

Frankly, I think the world never stopped being in awe of you. The mountains still stand tall around you to shield and protect you. The earth still moves at meandering pace, so as not to knock you off balance. The sun shines–she rises and sets exactly on time, to light your way; and the moon is your night light, so you know heaven is always there.

The cosmos sparkle for you, they all gather in awe. They watch over you–all million billion of them.

The animals still pause in the bush to watch you walk by, the water still flows with strength in rivers, to carry you an ever-supply–it will never let you miss a drop.

The fruit on God’s trees grow to be most nourishing. “Pick me! Pick me! I’ll keep you healthy!” They cry.

Day in and day out, the angels hover around you to keep safe God’s most beautiful and most wonderful masterpiece of you.

My dear, the sun shines for you, the world spins for you, the mountains stretch high for you, the rivers run strong for you, the clouds give you shade from the sun (for she is jealous of your beauty), the rain washes the earth and the streets for you to keep it clean where you walk.

I swear it that the angels sit up in treetops just to catch glimpses of you; of the most wondrous thing Father God ever made. But do not let any of this make you forget that the blessing of you started at conception, when you first rested in your mother’s womb, safe and warm. Even then, the earth awaited you. And when it saw you on your day of birth, it was hushed and awed. It already knew what a precious gift you’d be.

For twenty-one years, all this has happened–the journey of your life–and still nature awes at you. Indeed, even I do. And what a precious gift, that day you were born. A treasure from heaven.

I still don’t know how God let you slip out from among his angels, but I am blessed that you landed here. It is God’s loss, but my gain, and I suppose I’m quite selfish…

But I’ll cherish the blessing you are since I’ve gotten to meet you. I’m not sure if heaven lost an angel, or if this wretched earth gained one (and how necessary this is. We need angels here) What a blessing–to have met you. And I hope you have a blessed and safe 22nd trip around the sun (don’t you know, she’s burned forever in jealousy of you–but, even she cannot deny adoring you and being awed by you).

By Alix Mizen

Author of the Otherworld Soul Poetry series (The Universe Inside Her: A series of poems and letters, The Universe Inside Her II: A Book of Unsorted Poetic Letters (co-author)). Book one is out on Amazon! Book two is on its way, and a third titled "The Long, the Dark, and the Unsuitable" is in progress!
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Instagram: @alixmizen
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