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Hi all!

PoppinTalk’s most recent blast!
Except we’re moving into the future, not the past!
Keep an eye out for this new volume 🙂

I’ve not sent out a blast in a while. Sheesh, it’s been forever!

I’ve got a fun little thing for y’all, and maybe I can make this an everyday thing? We will see.

I’ve created this little volume of games via Each puzzle has a set of themed or random words that have to be found in a word box. However, the word to be found must be discovered by clues!

e.g. Hint: “a fermented cucumber” Word: “cucumber!” and then cucumber would be the word to find in the box.

I have the first seven of them done. So a week’s worth. I’m so excited for you all to enjoy them that I am tempted to leak them all, but I will begin with my favorite ones 😋

Hint ‘ums volume 4– at the fair

Hint ‘ums volume 5– six-letter words

Have at it and tell me how it goes! You may even find some “easter eggs” in there from the blog! shh 🤫🤐

I will release another one tomorrow, starting from the beginning, at volume 1 (which requires some extra hints that I will include in tomorrow’s post 😜)

Submit your answers so I can see how many people have taken part! You can even use a funny name or random word to be anonymous when you submit.


Also, I will be adding them to the Nerdy Herd Game Center as they are published here, so you can access all available games via that one page 😉

By Alyssa McClure

Popp!nTalk is a place I share all of my love and positive thoughts to stand out from all the negative and give you a place to put up your feet and rest- Whether that be during the workweek or on the weekends. Easy, quick reads to give you a smile and something pleasant to think about. Unique, entertaining, positive. Live on :) #loveisaverb

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