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Hint ‘ums Vol. 12

As we enter the art room, I’d like you to please keep the glue on your newspaper mat 😋

Today’s Daily Puzzle is centered around craft supplies (not to be confused with the art mediums theme that we did before 😉).

So, pull out your colored paper, markers and a bucket load of glitter and let’s get into it.

Also, please do not throw the glitter like confetti.

Alright, now that we’ve got that settled and have got our popsicle sticks in a row, let’s begin.

First up is #3: The word after this one is probably what you first thought this one was.

Just checking in, here at clue four… Did you figure out #3? 😜

6. These, my childhood favorites of craft supplies, are self-adhesive.

7. I can’t think of another hint, so I’ll white this one out at the bottom 🙂

10. These felt-tipped liquid drawing tools are very common among children from the ages of 5-10 (and also older people like me, so maybe we should say 5-99).

13. This isn’t a hint for the word, but it’s a tip for finding it in the word box: it’s backwards

16. “Square, circle, rectangle”…What are these called?

17. It’s soft and squishy and always smells of …not cellophane, but something strong.

18. What does a seamstress use? You could look for the word “cloth” for eternity, but you probably won’t find it in this puzzle, because it’s the other word like cloth.

19. I’ll just give ya this one below 😉

That’s the end of the tour! Thank you for limiting the piles of glitter to only seven. Of course, if you found this puzzle via this post and followed along, submit it with the word “Glittery Floors”. And remember, you can always submit it early 🙂

Good luck! And here are those cheats:

3. glue 4. tape 6. Stickers 7. Ribbon 10. Markers 13. “skcor” 16. Shapes (also backward) 17. Foam 18. Fabric 19. scraps

Signing off until tomorrow,


By Alyssa McClure

Popp!nTalk is a place I share all of my love and positive thoughts to stand out from all the negative and give you a place to put up your feet and rest- Whether that be during the workweek or on the weekends. Easy, quick reads to give you a smile and something pleasant to think about. Unique, entertaining, positive. Live on :) #loveisaverb

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