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Dear, Still Hoping

Keep finding “tomorrow” and, in one of them, there is destined to be the thing you wait for.

Dear Ether,
It’s been hard for a while trying to trust the process. How do I stay sane while my life feels like it’s stuck in the mud?

Sincerely, Still Hoping

Oh, haven’t we all asked this same question before!

An all-too-familiar feeling, “stuck” makes a heart restless, doesn’t it? Well, one thing I can say is that whatever is meant to happen will. The future is already the future.

If you believe in God, it very much encourages a desperate soul that, he won’t withhold a good thing, and he’s already made provisions to fulfill his purpose in your life. Whether that be in a career, in love, or in any other need or venture.

Look to him, take your eyes off of the horizon in anxious striving and seeking. It will come. It will come in the time that he knows it to be good. (And he knows the future ;)) Rest and trust and water your faith while you wait. He knows what you need, and he is preparing it.

And, you never know, tomorrow could hold a miracle, so keep on reaching tomorrow, and one of them is destined to hold exactly the perfect thing to fulfill your needs. A miracle takes only a moment and, often, they are unexpected. They are out-of-the-ordinary, not impossible 🙂

Live on and keep stepping into tomorrow, eager for what it holds.


By Dear Ether

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