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Hint ‘ums Volume 24

When a storm hits
Stow your umbrella, wring out your shoes, it’s time for an adventure, without suffering deluge!

The wind is howling, the boat is rocking, the waves are monstrous. Oh wait. hold up, we’re not in a boat. Scratch that. I’m not brave enough to give you a boat tour of a storm. Nonetheless:

We’re cozy in the house and a storm is raging outside. FLASH! 1…2…3…BOOM!! The storm is only three miles away. That means it’s time for hot cocoa. Settle in and I’ll tell you the story of my dumb decision in the Outer Banks, and then we’ll play a word game.

…Neato story, huh? Alright, settle in, settle in, pull the blankie up to your chin; sip your hot cocoa, don’t let it sit! Now let’s begin at question one.

1. “So pretty to photograph, but best not to be hit by it.” Raise your hand!

…Yes, you can use the restroom, it’s down the hall to your left.

Okay. What is yellow, bright, and makes a flash? Whose fingers reach like veins on fire in the night?
Yes? …Ah, that’s correct! One point for you. A golden star!

2. “Makes the sky dark.” Think now, friends, think. On an overcast day, you look above, what do you see but gray ____. Aha!

3. “count how long it took after the flash and you’ll know how far away it was.” First comes the strike, then comes the ______. ARGH! But don’t let it bite!

4. “a big ‘ka-___!'” Here’s a lesson, count your synonyms. Put them in a row and think. Here’s a few, list another, the answer lies in there: Bang, Pow, Kazam, _____!

5. “Sometimes, tsunamis overtake the land and ____ whole cities.” Don’t be afraid now, but look out and see: see that high mountain? It once was covered when Noah built his ark. Now tell me, friends, what was that great swell that covered the earth? Indeed, it was a big, deep, _____!

6. “it whips through your hair and makes trees wave” Follow my lead: take a deep breath like the skies above, now gather your billows and blow them with gusto! The sky puffs his chest and out from the clouds he breathes a strong _____!

7. “pairs well with the previous and makes puddles” Suzy May has donned her boots, she skips outside, under the porch roof. There she sees the zooming gray; ‘Mommy, can I go out to play?’

8. “bad storms put _____ in the roof”. Have you got any cans? Quick, let’s make soup! Or, here’s a bucket; that oughtta do! Put them beneath those pesky drips and call the contractor, we’ll need that fixed!

9. “they’re natural.” All together with me now: ‘Oh, what a mess, what a shame, what a ______!’

10. “when the temp drops” Put on a jacket, don’t forget a scarf! Don fuzzy socks, it’s looking pretty dark. One more thing, let’s get you a hat, today it’ll be ____ and sickly and I don’t want you like that!

11. “These are pretty bad storms found commonly on islands and in warmer climates.” Where ought we to go? Hawaii, Bahamas? Nonetheless, let’s pack our pajamas! We’re going for a week to a ______ place! Where rainbows smile and palm trees sway.

12. “Basically a bad cyclone.” Here it comes now, be not afraid, for God knows where to find you when comes it your day! Hush now, let’s board up the windows, maybe drive to grandma’s. Best be safe than sorry when it comes to a _______!

13. “Smaller than a hurricane.” Listen now, lets play a game; hear the words and say them quick: toad, torpedo, tomato! Be quick now, say the name, what do such odd words sound so much like?: ______!

Ah, you’ve reached the finish! That was the question final. Suzy sleeps and so does Tom, the wind has quieted, the storm has passed! Let’s drift off, now and dream of sweeter things, for we’ve not a drip to worry about from this weather gone fast. Hush now, we ought not to wake the littles or risk another downpour while our eyelids still flutter!

Goodnight moon πŸ™‚


By Alyssa McClure

Popp!nTalk is a place I share all of my love and positive thoughts to stand out from all the negative and give you a place to put up your feet and rest- Whether that be during the workweek or on the weekends. Easy, quick reads to give you a smile and something pleasant to think about. Unique, entertaining, positive. Live on :) #loveisaverb

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