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Hint ‘ums Puzzle 19

Volume 19 hint’ums puzzle guide is out now!!
I’ll give you a hint: Beautiful and green and they start out so tiny 😍

Okay, so on the 18th of January, I posted the 18th hint ‘ums. I realized that just today, and so now I am late to posting the 19th puzzle guide on the 19th! 😭

Piggy-backing off of the 18th hint’ums, puzzle 19 is all about gardening!

Thus, now that we have pruned and cared for our already existing plants, now it’s time to add to our collection!! (Never too many plants, right? Besides, maybe these are indoor plants?)

Stow your shears and grab your seeds, we are planting anew!! Onward!

  1. “This nourishes the plants–it is what the roots seek out.”
    It’s a refreshing beverage while you work, too 😉
  2. “This provides vitamins and other supplements for the plant, it also keeps it cozy and snug so that the roots can keep it steady.”
    What’s that brown stuff called that you tuck your seeds into? The scent is quite frankly addicting and I love hearing the water drop onto it.
  3. “Cotyledons and shell; what a new plant sprouts from.”
    This one is from 4th grade Botany. It’s what plants come from, and it is pluralized in the puzzle box 🙂
  4. “Use these to trim plants and prune them.” Not scissors, not shears, but these can all be synonyms of them. Extra hint:

They’re all helpful for clipping off the dead leaves to help a plant grow healthier

5. “So your hands don’t get dirty, if you’ve got a pie to bake later, or a steak to grill :)”
Self explanatory, this one is kind of a freebie.

6. “It’s easier to tote several pots of plants by just pulling them along in a _____.”
They’re cute as decorations, too, but are wonderfully practical. They’re usually little and red 😉

7. “These help you keep track of which plant is which kind.”
When you write the name out on a little sign or stake, what are you doing? Not writing. What is it that you are creating? A…
As an extra hint:

A homonym for this word is used to ship packages and include an address and barcode

8. “This keeps all the squirrels and rabbits and other seeking noses from snacking on your produce.”
It can be wooden, steel, plastic, chicken wire… All of these are forms of ______ to keep out passersby of all kinds out of your crops/yard.

9. “Plants enjoy being __ ___ ___ where they can feel the warmth and get their energy.”
This one is three words in one. 2, 3, 3. Plants most basically need dirt, water, and ___.

10. Okay, here’s me reading a vocabulary card to you. “The process of turning sunlight into energy.”
And the answer is? ______________.

11. “A helpful metal tool with a long (often wooden) handle to break through soil and dig.”
Can also be handheld.

12. “This tool is great for breaking up the soil and aerating.”
Not to be mistaken for the secular flirt or ‘easy-to-get’. It’s three letters.

13.  “This work requires a lot of ____ing.”
Proverbs 10:22 (NIV)

14. “Introducing air to the soil so it is not too compact for garden growth.”
When you add air to something, like say, wine, as you pour it, what are you doing?

15. “This mixture of minerals and healthy bacteria and nitrogen encourages healthy plant growth.”
This is added to the soil as a kind of supplement for happy, healthy plants.

16. “Produce grown without any pesticides.”
When you go to the store, if you are like me, you bee-line to this section to buy the fruits and vegetables that were grown without toxic chemicals or waste. What are these called?
As an extra hint, because I’m so faithful with hints:

These most often feature a USDA stamp on them.

And that’s it! Sixteen was the last one!

Whoo! Stand back and admire your work. Look at those little sprouts! So happy and beautiful ☺ Good job!

I hope they always prosper ❤

See you soon with the puzzle hints for number 20! (Here’s a sneak peek)

And, here is a picture of my adorable tomatoes from my own home garden. (Let me brag for a minute) These tomato plants–I have six of them– and they are all 14 feet long and have been producing consistently for nearly a year now (March is their 1st birthday). Yes, they produced straight through winter with no problems. This is my most recent cluster of buds (or it was, at the time of the photo this Sunday, those little blooms are now tiny fruits and another cluster of blooms followed a little farther up the stalk!). I love these plants. They are my pride and joy. The pictured harvest was also from Sunday. I have since harvested four more! They are the sweetest little tomatoes and I enjoy them very much. Always beautiful ☺ ❤

By Alyssa McClure

Popp!nTalk is a place I share all of my love and positive thoughts to stand out from all the negative and give you a place to put up your feet and rest- Whether that be during the workweek or on the weekends. Easy, quick reads to give you a smile and something pleasant to think about. Unique, entertaining, positive. Live on :) #loveisaverb

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