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Perfumes and Face Powders

“…’one of the roosters gives him a particularly piercing headache and with Miss Maverick in town, I imagine he’d like for her to come to his house without worry of headaches.’”

This part is so entertaining to me and it always gives me a chuckle to read 😄

An Excerpt:

(Elina and V. Elina begins)

“I woke at five this morning. I usually do. The cock hens are impatient when it comes to their feeding time.”

“You have chickens?”

“For a short time. I’m watching them for my cousin. He says that one of the roosters gives him a particularly piercing headache and with Miss Maverick in town, I imagine he’d like for her to come to his house without worry of headaches.”

V chuckled. She wondered what era Elina’s family lived in. The coolest and smartest one, she guessed.

“Who’s miss Maverick?”

“Oh, a pretty lass. She’s tall and blonde and fair. She’s got all the features of a woman that a man would want.”

“And you’ve not courted her?”

“Oh, she isn’t my type and I’m not hers. She’s into cocks.” She says it so casually before stuffing another bite of pancake in that V has to hold in a spitting laugh with everything in her.

She sits there shaking with a laugh that is nearly strangling her to keep in.

“What is it? What did I say? Cock? You must know I’m not particularly the lady-like kind. I apologize if it offends.” She says it with the same casualness that it makes V smile and chuckle.

“I don’t much like prissy girls and Miss Maverick is nearly as prissy as they come. I think her perfumes and face powders would kill me if I tried to tolerate them.” V tries to hold in another spitting laugh, and she sits shaking with ribs that can’t help a cackle as Elina continues, “I think I’m awed at the fact that most men can, yet I suppose they’re more desperate than I.”

Finally, Elina breaks a smile and looks at V understandingly, “Are you always so easily entertained? I think I could always keep you laughing without even having to try.” She smiles at V and offers a little smirk. “I’m taken by the way that my everyday can make you so boisterous.” V thinks she’s going to wink, but she doesn’t. Her eyes simply sparkle at her for a spell before she goes back to her pancakes.

Loveless, Kanda Land, “Perfume and Face Powders.” (pp. 373-374 the halfway point!)

I hope it made you chuckle as much as I did ☺

Also, I would like to say that this is officially halfway through!! We are halfway done editing!!!

Y’all, I’m so excited, because this is the final edit. Which means we can start really beginning to get serious about publishers. Any recommendations (on literary agents as well)?

Thanks for reading,


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