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At The End Of The Counter

A traveler story
“…The phone rang for a moment and then another moment more. There were a few times before the long slur of silence between the monotonous ring that she thought Bre was picking up. But she never did. Of course; it’s an unknown number.”

(story below)

Also, today, I reached the second to last leg of the book in edits!

Oh, Glorious Day.

Ah, the air feels fresher today 😌

“Why?” you ask? Well, I’ll answer even if you didn’t ask:

I am finally on page 508 of edits, which is page 528 out of the now 756.

I. am. stoked!!

And you should be too.

Of course, since I am so loyal, here is another part of the story for a little read ☺:

At The End Of The Counter (Full part)

The bell above the door rings when she steps in.

“Hey!” A twenty-something woman behind the counter greets [E]. She noticed the dog, but didn’t say anything, because she’d walked in alone, at night, and looking a little ragged and tired.

E puts on a peopling voice. “Hey. I was actually wondering if I could just use your phone?”

“Oh! Sure. It’s right over there. Free of charge.” She smiles and points to the other end of the counter. The lady had looked surprised as though no one had used that phone in decades.

It was a button phone, but it was hung like a rotary phone.

“Thank you.”

“Of course.” The lady smiled and then disappeared into the kitchen to give E some privacy.

Trying for another second to rack her brain for V’s number, but unable to feel confident about any concoction of numbers, she gave up and called Bre, afraid of getting it wrong and having a stranger pick up.

As much as she felt like she really wanted to just disappear right now and have all of this dissolve, she also wanted to be found and embraced and loved. She wanted Bre’s support.

The phone rang for a moment and then another moment more. There were a few times before the long slur of silence between the monotonous ring that she thought Bre was picking up. But she never did. Of course; it’s an unknown number.

She left a message and waited at the bar.

The lady came back in from the kitchen then. “Did you reach who you needed to?”

“No, but I left a message. Is it okay if I wait for a return call?”

“Sure, no problem. Would you like a water while you wait?”

“Actually yes, thank you. I appreciate it.”

“Of course, let me know if there’s anything else I can get you. Would you like a menu to look at?” She pulled out a plastic Coca-Cola cup to fill with water.

“That’s alright, I’ve not got any cash, I’m sorry.”

The woman looked concerned, “You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’ve called my girlfriend, she’ll probably come and pick me up.”

“Okay.” She hesitated giving up and passed E the glass of water and got a small takeout bowl to fill for Rex.

However, it only took a short minute before the phone rang.

“E?” Bre said, shocked.

“Hey.” E returned.

“What happened??”

“I’m really sorry. I promise I’m okay. And so is Rex and the house. Rex is with me.”

“Where are you?”

“At a restaurant in town. Southern Delights Cafeteria.”

“Okay. I am leaving work. What the fuck. …I will be there in a few minutes to pick you up. That’s not far from the clinic.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry. I love you.” E said.

“Love you.” Bre returned, tiredly.

Bre hung up and E swallowed. She knew Bre was upset. But she wished she would stay on the phone with her until she got here. She needed someone present. Survival mode was beginning to wear off and she was starting to break down. She needed someone to hold her and she was hungry.

“On the house.” The lady said, coming back with a to-go order of a burger and fries, with an extra patty on the side for Rex.

“I really appreciate this more than you know.” E said and she ate.

Three minutes later when E had nearly finished scarfing her burger down, Bre came in the door, dressed in her scrubs.

“I can’t leave you alone for a minute, can I?”

“I’m sorry.” E was afraid of how mad she would be. Bre embraced her and E embraced her back tightly, and the tears began to come, as much as she tried to stop them.

Full part: “At the End Of the Counter,” Kanda Land, Loveless (pp. 464-467)

Thanks for staying active in the story!

Can you guess what Bre’s occupation is?


By Alyssa McClure

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