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A Long Journey

…coming to an end

Thank y’all who followed through the whole process! 🥰💙

Can’t believe I didn’t update y’all yesterday with this exciting news!

Kanda Land is finished!!

The main part has been edited. I’m now going back and taking care of the three notes I had flagged on it and then that’s it! Kanda Land will be finished!

Thank you to everyone who came along on this journey with me. It has been nearly two full years!

I’m looking forward to getting a print copy of it, which I will work on after I tend to fixing the flags, and then that’s it!

Anyhow, that’s my news. Hope y’all have a peaceful morning.

–A.M.M. & Loveless

By Alyssa McClure

Popp!nTalk is a place I share all of my love and positive thoughts to stand out from all the negative and give you a place to put up your feet and rest- Whether that be during the workweek or on the weekends. Easy, quick reads to give you a smile and something pleasant to think about. Unique, entertaining, positive. Live on :) #loveisaverb

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