Hi there, beautiful soul! Alyssa McClure here 🙂 Thanks for poppin by! I hope you feel the love here, because that’s what I hope to spread. No matter what you’re going through, you are welcome to hang out at the blog.

Here at PoppinTalk, we like to exchange stories, enjoy a good board game or two, and write a whole lot. I’m always around, so give me a holler. Air hugs are free! Sending love and good blessings your way.

More About Me

I am twenty-four, admin and editor of PoppinTalk, an author, poet, and deep thinker. I enjoy reading poetry, doing soul-searching, and discovering the answers to life. On this blog, I sometimes share my own stories, thoughts and bits of life. If you’d like to peruse my collected works, you can find them here. I also am the creator of DEfinition Apparel.

Aside of writing, I enjoy watching Hallmark, dabbling in some needle arts, putting together intriguing DIYs, and intuitively solving everyday problems, all while sipping on a mug of warm Rooibos tea. My favorite things include: Rainy days, the scent of cinnamon and fresh apples, and autumn drives.

I hope you feel the love around you right now. It’s right there 🙂

Thanks for hanging out and sitting with me in this moment. ❤

Authors, Editors, and Contributors

Loveless is the author of the Kanda Land trilogy. You can purchase her books here, or peruse a collection of snippets from the series here.

Alix Mizen is 27, an author for PoppinTalk and is also a debuting poetry and fiction author! Links to her latest books are available on her page, so head over and check back often to be the first to her new releases!
She wanted added that her “favorite month is October, if you catch the drift.” 😉

Elaine J. T. is a contributor to PoppinTalk who often shares her life stories, struggles, healing. She likes to say that this community is her personal journal. View her posts at the link above. ❤

Jack C. joins us as a contributor who desires a new outlet to write about his experiences with pain, love, and lessons in trust.

Dear Ether is an anonymous contributor who offers a listening ear and advice. Send in a question, problem, or concern and you may be anonymously featured in the weekly(?) advice column.

Back to the… Er, Past

Allison Mickel was our startup admin who made PoppinTalk what it is. It is her charisma and charm and loving heart that always drove PoppinTalk forward. A mostly silent driving force, she provided all administrative updates and shared little pieces of her own, which we cherish (and are still trying to figure out how to compile).

She is off to other personal endeavors and has left PoppinTalk in my hands. We love you, Allison. We’re all sending you “much love” (we should probably coin that phrase in her name). Nonetheless, we hope to see you hanging around in the living room every so often, perusing the aisles of new and exciting articles which we hope will fill your dream shoes. Go little rockstar. 🙂 🌟

Quotes for the Soul

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

– Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

“I know it will take time, but you deserve to believe you are lovable.”

– OtherWorld Soul Poetry

“Though fallen low God raised her up, an Angel.”

Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers

Unity is powerful. Let’s unite in Love.