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On the Day You Were Born

The day you were born was a sunrise for humanity (even the day you were conceived);
the eve of something great–indeed not even just the eve, but the beginning.
This day is most blessed by God and most sacred to the heavens.
Indeed, it is sacred and precious to me.

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I’m Sorry I Didn’t Meet You

And it kills me to remember you shaking your head, after you came to me in tears, and walking out that door to never come knocking again.

I still want to grow old with you if you’ll let me. If you’ll help me rebuild these broken pieces of this once-most-beautiful home.


Black Rose

It is you, Black Rose, whom God searches for to find, to love, to bring home and water. Black Rose, do not let the red roses fool you, their grandeur is nothing that matters to God. He cares not for perfection; he cares for the trampled.
He finds those who have been pushed aside and brings them into his inner circle. He homes them and adores them.


Lover Gone

I’ve felt it, my love. Some kind of separation between us. Another tear in the heavens, where its curtain of love was ripped apart by human hands. I wonder should I love you still, or should I let you go and move on to love other lovers who I’ve yet to meet? Could I love […]

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September 2nd

“Fighting Love” a poem from book 1 on this special day in September. ❤


Beyond Your Broken

dVerse prompt Quadrille #134

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Book One Is Ready For You To Take Home!!

It is ready for you to take home and looks forward to sitting on your lap on rainy days (or any day)!

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The “Eternal I” (Excerpt)

Our canvas of being will always be “I”, and in this human state, I hope it is always we…

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Spirit Letters

Must I wait, or must I go? This is all it may ever be. “You’re on my mind…”

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The Universe Inside Her- LIVE

The day is finally here!!