Hug A Veteran- a person is more than the wars they’ve been through.

Each veteran has a story to tell and wounds to be healed- just like each of us, their friends and family, do. Having been through some of the thickest times, remind them that you love and appreciate them by hugging them a little longer and listening to their story- there is more to a person than the wars they’ve been through…

Halloween- It’s Spooky Season, Y’all :)

It is now November, so it’s definitely Christmas time. BUT, my Halloween was one to remember. I created a get up and go costume for a special occasion… and it might have been hilariously rediculous 😂

Apple Cider- From Scratch!!

Heaven in a glass!! This cider literally tastes like the holidays in your mouth 🙂
(and yes, I totally forgot to take pictures because the process was also delicious 😂😋)

HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!- Why Fall is the Best Season Hands Down

Fall is hands down my favorite season of the year. Apple cider gracing grocery store isles, cinnamon and pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving, oh my! Fall is fantastic, but what really is the hype, you ask?

Unity From Chaos- Let’s Not Forget We Are All One

With 9/11 having just had its 18th anniversary, we all come together to celebrate unity and gather together to show the love we ought to show one another as communities and as a country. Spread the love- let this chaos in the world bring us closer not farther- just like it did on that day. ❤️