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Nostalgia is a beautiful beast, isn’t it? šŸ¤•ā™„šŸ’”šŸ–¤

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Lightning Struck the Window

Only an idiot stands at the window during a lightning storm at the beach.

… … That’s me. I’m an idiot. A very awe-struck, intrigued, curious, and humbled idiot.

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Our Rose Garden

This garden will always have been a blessing to me, and now I let it grow and reverently sit in its shade.
to revel in something, but not ruin it, you must be reverent and respectful of the treasure it is to cherish.

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Already December?!

Geez, time flies by…

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Switched Up Love

I was right about one thing… Iā€™d never find anyone like her, again.

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Photos are Time

An excerpt from a poem taken from the in-progress work, “The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters”