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  • Dear, Still Hoping
    Keep finding “tomorrow” and, in one of them, there is destined to be the thing you wait for.
  • Mirrors In Their Faces
    The reflections we receive from other people’s reactions toward us can be hurtful and inaccurate mirrors. How do we process this and use truth to combat it when those mirrors begin to show us ugly things?
  • Dear, Confused Maybe-Adult
    How to adult? Just take a step 🙂
  • New Advice Column on the Blog
    That’s right, PoppinTalk is starting an advice column! Send in an anonymous question to be featured in the weekly post!
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About “Dear Ether”

Have you ever needed advice or a listening ear and didn’t know where to turn? Well, the answers are always out there somewhere. We could spend years seeking out the answer, searching everywhere, or, we can ask a friend, and that is what “Ether” is here for 🙂

The answer is out there 🙂

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