Kanda Land

Kanda Land is a 27-part trilogy. Books 1, 2, and 3 together house the 27 parts.

Kanda Land is a journey of the heart and mind through the past that tries to steal the present, and seeking the future that is longed for and sought.

This story walks down the alleyways of everything within that we run from, the healing that can be found and is more possible than we think, and the hope that remains for the future that is to come.

Laced with love, hope, and mercy, Kanda Land is a hand that reaches to meet you where you are, and show you that maybe the better life you seek is actually not impossible at all.

Each book includes addiction recovery information as well as E and V’s music playlist 🙂 Enjoy.

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In KandA Land Book 1: New and Old, our protagonists take us through the push and pull of the acceptance of love, the memory of the past that once was and the present that could have been.

E is fresh out of a bad relationship and V has finally found freedom from her narcissistic family. More or less happening upon each other at their familiar spot, old butterflies are unburied, but new questions and fears arise. Will either of them be courageous enough to voice the tangled mess residing within their lives and minds?

On only the first night, we see E and V sit across only one table-length from each other, yet they both feel as though the world separates them. As they try to stomach food on top of their begging and questioning thoughts, they both wish they could say just one thing; but the timing and their circumstances steal the breath from their lungs to even say the words.

“Time and circumstance were their enemies right now, just as always, seemingly.” –The Narrator, KandA Land

Will E be brave enough to accept the good love that she ran from years ago? Will V be willing to continue waiting?

Love is unending, unconditional. It has no reason.

Is this love, or is this just another chapter in the book? Will they let this get away a second time? Will fear take this chance, too?

(176 pages)

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Old habits don’t die hard.

In KandA Land Book 2: The Hopefuls, the past starts rearing its ugly head and E is faced with old and familiar habits, which clearly hadn’t died hard.

After E has become overwhelmed by attempting to accept love after a life of trauma, she calls upon an old pal, who gets her right back into an old swing within only a day.

But an old comfort proves to only reopen and age-old sore. Regretting her decisions after a near-death experience, E decides that something needs to change. She knows she shouldn’t have ended up back here.

Her old friend sees the evidence of hope for her, so encourages her to get out while she can; to find another distraction that isn’t these drugs. So, she sets her up on a dating site.

Thus, the search for a better future begins. Leaving the ashes of her past behind for good, E trudges into a new future and a new life with a new love.

Clean slate. That’s easy.

Although she’s made it into her new future, the past is still close behind and ready to pounce. Is she ready to face it? Or are distractions all the same thing… distractions?

All she seems to be doing is running from the truth.

But there is always new hope.

(326 pages)

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More ghosts of the past appear in KandA Land Book 3: Letting Mercy In, and shakes the world that E thought was finally secure. But, although distractions fail, love will withstand all.

Letting Mercy In is all about the power of what love truly is… and isn’t. It reveals facades and turns the light on to the bountiful mercy of love.

Featuring E’s “God Love” conversation, where she wrestles with how any God would love her (and why any God who loved her would have let her go through what she has), the journey she takes leads her to the truth, and eventually she finds the mercy and peace she has long sought, yet ran from.

Finally laying down her walls and tightening her britches of courage, E opens her heart to embrace the fullness of love, mercy, forgiveness, peace, and eternal security.

Mercy’s Hand was there all along.

Healing does not have to be a lonely journey, and it really shouldn’t be. With the mercy evident throughout this book, E eventually discovers the fullness of healing, which culminates in joy and security—the joy and security she thought would never be possible for someone like her. The joy and security that had seemed like another world that she was an alien of.

What once was impossible was now present and unendingly wonderful. Because Love saw her and said, “You are freed here.”

Thus, the message held out in this last part of the trilogy is:

There is hope for you, yet.
(377 pages)

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