Popp!nTalk- What’s the Hype?

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Holistic Fitness- Full Circle Health

Lifestyle is incredibly varied in today’s time; there are always new proposals and theories on the best ways to stay active and healthy. It can be mind-boggling with all the information out there. So here I am, taking the reins and reeling in one of those ideas.

Holistic health has been on the rise in the past thirty or forty years. This natural healing method incorporates all aspects of a person’s life in the health and fitness process. Everything from sleep to relationships to religious beliefs is taken into account to understand the patient’s condition and formulate a solution. If one thing isn’t working in the body, it’s affecting all the other parts.

Holistic fitness considers the same things and doesn’t stop at just muscle tone and looking fly; it’s about keeping your body in order and balance. Using tai chi, yoga, and Pilates, among others, this approach strives to achieve improvement in mind health, flexibility, and balance, as well as personal endurance.

Including the belief that the health of each part of the body effects the health of the body as a whole, holistic medicine teaches that “unconditional love and support is the most powerful healer” (WebMD, 2017). And I think we can all agree to that. Everything seems a little more orderly and possible when we know someone is there who’ll always say, “I’ve got you”.

So, remember that each of your needs are just as important as the others, love yourself by attending to each of them and don’t forget to go give someone you love a hug.