Billie Eilish- Why So Popular?

It’s clear why Billie Eilish has received the acclamations that she has; her sound is completely original. The music she’s created is something that’s never been heard before and displays emotion from an angle that’s never been dug up by any other artist in the past.

Her music is human emotion shown through distraught humanity. You don’t get the same perspective from any other artist. It’s not summer pop- but it can be. It’s not electro- but it can be. Billie Eilish doesn’t create one kind of music- her music is every genre, every feeling. You see struggle, you see tears, you see love and depth of being. It’s incredible. Eilish is one of a kind- she could never be replaced or recreated. She is a trailblazer in many ways and, quite possibly, will never be ‘out-blazed’ in her music or performance style.

She really has created her own genre. She’s unique and so is her music; never heard before, and nothing like it will ever be heard again. That’s why she’s so special, and that’s why she’s received the head-turning awe from her audience; she’s taken them ‘hostage’ by a sound and feeling they’ve never experienced. Her voice, coupled with the effects she uses, really gives you the chills. It knocks you off balance and grabs your attention. She’s just her, and she’s not afraid of that. That’s how you catch any moderner’s heart.

It’s not only her incredible sound and ability to capture emotion that draws her young audience to follow. Eilish also spends an immense amount of time with her “People, [her] family” (Eilish, 2018), as she describes her fans, always being present and fully there in the moment with them. The heartwarming videos that have been posted on Instagram as well as on YouTube, show the true heart she has for all of her listeners. She says she just wants to get down in the crowd and mosh with them or just sit down and have a conversation with them. In one interview she stated that she wishes there wasn’t any fame or power difference between them, “I try as hard as I can to not be anything more than they are… I don’t want to be on a different level”, she stated (Eilish, 2018).

Billie treats her fans like her friends; loves to just talk with them about everything and let them know each of them matters. And beyond that, she knows how to capture in her songs the feelings they can’t explain, which she says is the most beautiful aspect of her music; that it’s theirs when they feel it as their own (Eilish, 2018). In 50 years or so, people will look back on this time and realize, “That was the Billie Eilish Era. That was when music changed. Pop would never be the same”. That’s most definitely the reason Billie Eilish is famous- she’s a game changer, a trailblazer of modern music and personality.



If you want a cute video of Billie spending time with her fans:

Popp!nTalk- What’s the Hype?

Well, we’re here to tell you! Popp!nTalk provides positive content on the newest modern fads or cool products. It doesn’t even have to be something popular. We’ll cover awesome, but underrated products and events, Popular hypes like famous pop singers or lifestyle news… and anything in between!

We’re here to tell you all the good buzz going on around your world. Come visit us with a cup of warm tea or coffee and see what’s new (and good) in your world. Because why stress about all the negative, when there’s plenty of awesome things to smile about? That’s what we wonder day in and day out, and why we’re here to serve it up.

So here’s all the smile-worthy content, stress-free and easy to read during your daily bustle. We guarantee you’ll find something awesome and interesting if you’ll lend us your ear for just a few minutes. Our articles are totally “binge”-able and fun to explore. So enjoy this moment right here and soak up all the good in your world.

Happy Poppin!

Holistic Fitness- Full Circle Health

Lifestyle is incredibly varied in today’s time; there are always new proposals and theories on the best ways to stay active and healthy. It can be mind-boggling with all the information out there. So here I am, taking the reins and reeling in one of those ideas.

Holistic health has been on the rise in the past thirty or forty years. This natural healing method incorporates all aspects of a person’s life in the health and fitness process. Everything from sleep to relationships to religious beliefs is taken into account to understand the patient’s condition and formulate a solution. If one thing isn’t working in the body, it’s affecting all the other parts.

Holistic fitness considers the same things and doesn’t stop at just muscle tone and looking fly; it’s about keeping your body in order and balance. Using tai chi, yoga, and Pilates, among others, this approach strives to achieve improvement in mind health, flexibility, and balance, as well as personal endurance.

Including the belief that the health of each part of the body effects the health of the body as a whole, holistic medicine teaches that “unconditional love and support is the most powerful healer” (WebMD, 2017). And I think we can all agree to that. Everything seems a little more orderly and possible when we know someone is there who’ll always say, “I’ve got you”.

So, remember that each of your needs are just as important as the others, love yourself by attending to each of them and don’t forget to go give someone you love a hug.