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Poetry Cards to Share

All poetry cards come signed by the author of The Universe Inside Her. Please use this link to PayPal to purchase Poetry Cards. Make sure to select that you are sending to a business, so you can enter a mailing address for the card. To select the card you like, write it in the payment comments 🙂

You are enough.
Remind that friend (or yourself) that they are most certainly enough, even when their mind makes them doubt it.

Eternal Love
Getting this card is like getting flowers. A ‘just because’ thought to say ‘I love you’ in just one more way.

Facing Fear
Fear is a bitch. Fear also is a liar. Take the reins and run through the storm.

Healing Journey
Every healing journey is unique and individual. Be proud that you’ve conquered what no one else could: your life.

You are valuable
Just in case you forgot, you’re really important. You are valuable, no matter how you are treated. Nothing can take away your worth.

You are Lovable
To serve as a reminder when it’s hard to remember that you are deserving of love.

Healing takes courage, it’s painful to do. There are ups and downs, and that just means you’re doing it right. Progress always counts! Even if you’ve taken some backward steps since. 🙂

My Angel
In memory of a lost loved one, to celebrate the light and joy they brought to many hearts.

To purchase a Poetry card, use PayPal here and, when prompted, select “send to a business” so you can include your address (or the address of the recipient of your card) and then in the comments write which card type you want. If I don’t see a card choice, I’ll email you if I’m able to. Or just write “random” and I’ll pick a card for you 🙂

If the card is for yourself, and you’d like one sent to you/want someone to pick one specially tailored to you, in the message box, write me how you’re feeling or what’s going on and I’ll pick a perfect one, or write a personalized one for you. You matter, too! ❤

Here are those cats in the library that I promised 😉


The Universe Inside Her
This collection of poetic letters reaches into your heart and spells out the emotions you didn’t know how to explain. Click the link to find book 1 at your favorite store: List of places where book 1 is sold

Book Signings:

Book signings are currently unavailable.

When? I do not have a book signing date yet. If you are interested in getting your book signed, and do not see a schedule here, email me at to let me know that you’d like to get a day scheduled!

*Signing Requests
If you are interested at hosting me for book signings at an event in North Carolina, email me at and we can chat about it!

Enjoy some rooibos tea with me ☺

T-Shirts and Apparel

These honestly are luxury items, because they are pretty expensive for just a T-shirt, but I promise I set the price as low as the producer would allow. 😦
Use the links to be directed to the website to purchase.
(via DEfinition Apparel on Bonfire)

Love Overcomes All Disaster Relief Tee
Rep the power of love in action and support a flood survivor in rebuilding her life.
This design $21.61

Love Overcomes All Flower Design Apparel
This adorable line of casual apparel also supports someone who is dear to me who lost everything in the NC floods.
This design $33.51

Love is a Verb Tee
Recognize this slogan? It is PoppinTalk’s favorite line, and also our hashtag on twitter
This design $17.78

You Are… Inherent Truths Statement Apparel
Be the voice of truth wherever you go and meet everyone with the reminder that they are valuable.
This design $17.78

Otherworld Soul Poetry

Based in North Carolina

When your gift will ship:

All Poetry Cards will ship out within 3 days (or less) of ordering 🙂

Amazon orders will ship out in Amazon’s shipping time.

Bonfire orders will start shipping out September 27th. (Idk why either.)

Email and other inquiries:

Eighty percent of the time, I answer emails within the day. If you don’t get a reply in 24 hours though, don’t fret! I’ve not forgotten you. But don’t be afraid to send me a second email after a day or two.

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