Story Time

A Long Journey

…coming to an end Thank y’all who followed through the whole process! 🥰💙

Trivia, Again

We take a hike up to the beautiful falls in Kentucky and some of our pals are reminiscing and enjoying the…

When the Years Fade…

The echoes of long ago: laughter and beauty. Where have they gone? Faded into oblivion. Loss of any beautiful thing is…

Almost Home

Expectantly keep your eyes on that horizon every day. Miracles are simply unexpected, not impossible. HOPE 💙

When Life Darkens

God is in the works behind the scenes with something more incredible than you could imagine… especially when all seems lost…

Good Friday?

What the cross means for you and me, and what it should tell us about the coming days ✝

Jesus Words

Up until Easter Sunday, reflect on Jesus words throughout his teaching. 🌼🌷💐🐇🥚✝

Drawing Near

Drawing near to God will also draw you nearer to his plan for you 💙

Coffee To-Go

Laura, Kira, and E are down in Kissimmee, refreshing in a coffee shop after exciting adventures. While they get warm, here’s…

Perfumes and Face Powders

“…’one of the roosters gives him a particularly piercing headache and with Miss Maverick in town, I imagine he’d like for…

When Fears Win

Have you ever felt like you’re cursed to something and can’t do anything about it? Like some heavy, lifelong curse that…

Catching up on KL

Back at it with Episode 7! How well do you know the characters of Kanda Land? You’ve read this portion 😉

Easy Fajitas

I could eat these every day of my life and they took only the amount of time that it takes for…

Fan Trivia

Lil bit easier for you today 🙂 All of these are ones that the original Kanda Land followers will know 😜

A God Love

It’s never-ending. It’s definite and infinite. It’s something you can count on time and time again. Something that sees you in…

Book Entry!

Enter your guess to get a chance to win a unique peek into the plot of Kanda Land!


…“E, babe, you can’t run from good things and expect to find good things.”


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