Story Time


…and there she stood upon my doorstep
in all her icy glory.


No one believes me until they see it.
They romanticize me until they are the one walking away…

Photos are Time

An excerpt from a poem taken from the in-progress work, “The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters”

Black Rose

It is you, Black Rose, whom God searches for to find, to love, to bring home and water. Black Rose, do not let the red roses fool you, their grandeur is nothing that matters to God. He cares not for perfection; he cares for the trampled.
He finds those who have been pushed aside and brings them into his inner circle. He homes them and adores them.

Autumn’s Fall

You are a lie, beautiful fall, a taunting lie. Surely we fall in your presence. We fall down to the bitterness of winter, blanketed in icy cold; the unthawed hearts, we freeze to death. For this is your poison, Autumn, you are our fall dressed in kindly colors.

Between Us

The Universe Inside Her II, by Otherworld Soul Poetry

Halloween- It’s Spooky Season, Y’all 🙂 –Reblogged

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There is most definitely a bag of Twix and M&Ms and snickers downstairs right next to a bag filled with starburst and skittles and whatnot, that I have ABSOLUTELY been eating since October 29th. If you were wondering, the bags are almost gone- (but most of it was the trick or treaters 😉). Some of…

Marsha’s Fate (P.1)

Struggles and joy of a healing love told through the story of two fictional characters, Marsha and Ash.

Lover Gone

I’ve felt it, my love. Some kind of separation between us. Another tear in the heavens, where its curtain of love was ripped apart by human hands. I wonder should I love you still, or should I let you go and move on to love other lovers who I’ve yet to meet? Could I love the girl at the coffee […]


I know I have regrets, but I’d not like to live alone with them.

My Mirror, My Reflection

You must love your soul, before you can love your mirror or what you see in it. And remember, healing takes time. Thus, let us travel with light foot and without haste, so we do not trip along our way.

September 2nd

“Fighting Love” a poem from book 1 on this special day in September. ❤

The Banker’s Sore

A short story set in 19th century England.
A woman overcome with debt is faced with her last day to pay it. Saving grace is rare and goodwill is hard to trust. But she’s been at the hand of mercy for a year and a half already. After all, that’s the burden of being poor. Being the Banker’s sore, and what a sore the banker is.
The banker’s sore is the headache and stress which burdens the poor.

Love, My Dears

“You will be so thankful when you find the one who will share with you the cherishing of one another’s souls.”

A Wooing

This is one of my favorite scenes from The “Eternal I”, of Amalei Hemworth. The dock scene and the boat scene.
“…my heart will not be satisfied with any wooing of earth until I obtain it.” 🙂

Kanda Land P.11

And so our two travelers have awoken to the pain of consequences from their decisions, but for E… this morning is painfully pleasant.

Kanda Land Part 10

E and V have both been left in the dust by the course this adventure took. The warring within their minds hasn’t ceased, and of course, S is still at it. Watch out!

Kanda Land Intro

V is a simple young woman who’s grown up around narcissists. Her escape is brave and final.
And thus, she embarks on her search for freedom.
But before venturing very far, she remembers someone from her past who had always treated her better.

Kanda Land part 9

E and V have been caught in a storm. And this isn’t going the way either of them wanted it to.
Reality hit, and any sense of relief isn’t in sight.
Please note: there is strong language used.

Playing in the Stars: Of a Lover

we play among the stars, our spirits join in sky, when bodies retire for the day, and when unconscious they lay, we meet each other and exchange of us and make our love. Bright as a flame.


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Kanda Land Part 7

E and V just had a heart-to-heart this morning. And that leads E to her next decision and the next chapter of this adventure…

Kanda Land Part 6

It’s breakfast time in Georgia and our favorite old flames procrastinate over orange juice and bagels. “Just a little more time before we face reality” seems to be their wish… Maybe we’ll let them have that for now.

Kanda Land Part 5

In Part 4, our traveling duo made it to a town in Northeastern Georgia. Their heads were up in the clouds for an enjoyable evening, and now they’re mulling over feelings that leave V worried, and E unsettled.

Kanda Land Part 4b

E and V barely miss S at breakfast this morning, escaping away to the south where they face some tough feelings which will lead to splitting decisions.

Kanda Land Part 4a

In part three, we saw E and V make it through their first day. But now, several weeks later, we find them in Frankfort. And they might have gotten a little too comfortable here. Drama is about to shake their world again. Will both of them make it through the day? Cross your fingers and read on!

The ‘Eternal I’

The incomplete story of Amalei Hemworth and Kez Hemworth, and the journey of their everyday love. Told through Amalei’s journal entries.
The beginning…

Kanda Land (Part 3)

Last time, we watched E and V swallow a lot of old emotions after they made it through a rough day, now they have to make it through one more hurdle before the first night of their new adventure…