Easy Fajitas

I could eat these every day of my life and they took only the amount of time that it takes for chicken to cook.
10/10 would do again 😫⭐🌟😍


Cheese Chips

Gormet Budget Snack/side Recipe: Cheese chips
via CaféBudgét

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Homemade (Cheat) Cider

A recipe for the main character of autumn aroma:
Homemade 🍎🍏 apple cider🍏🍎
(PLUS, a five-minute, everything, individual-serve cider, Autumn Syrup recipe)

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Piano Man

Your dreams are beautiful hidden talent; shine like only you can. Don’t give up, no matter the criticism.


Semi-Perm Tats (Project)

Tattoos are fun… and expensive! Here’s a fun technique to get yourself a semi-lasting tattoo DIY style 😉

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Halloween- It’s Spooky Season, Y’all :)

It is now November, so it’s definitely Christmas time. BUT, my Halloween was one to remember. I created a get up and go costume for a special occasion… and it might have been hilariously rediculous 😂

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Apple Cider- From Scratch!!

Heaven in a glass!! This cider literally tastes like the holidays in your mouth 🙂
(and yes, I totally forgot to take pictures because the process was also delicious 😂😋)