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Hint ‘ums Vol 17

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🦃
Before the craze of the day, pause for a puzzle, some coffee, and a breather. 😌💙
Sending love and warmth your way,

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Okay, okay, we messed up a little bit. We skipped Hint ‘ums 15-22 when we wound up the series again!
We’re righting our wrongs, so here we restart with volume 15!

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Hint ‘ums returns

Hint ‘ums has returned! Is it only for a season or for good?
You get to decide that 🙂 In the meantime, here’s another to solve!
As always, you can always submit anonymously, by using a funny name.
Good luck!

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Daily Puzzle #14

Get a whisk and some sugar, we’re about to mix up something awesome, this morning 🙂
…hint ‘ums volume 14,… and the hints

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Hint ‘ums Vol. 11

The big blue skies, gently grazing cattle, quiet roads. Ahh, the countryside is a nice place to be.
This is where we’ll be visiting for puzzle 11 🙂

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Hint ‘ums Vol. 9

Volume 9 is up and ready ready to take a spin!
Get on a helmet and let’s explore different kinds of transportation in today’s puzzle.
Ready? Go!

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Daily Puzzle #8

Careful now, don’t be shocked!
Right this way for the latest daily puzzle cheats and hints 🙂

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Daily Puzzle #6

Start your day off with a little brain game!
Your freshest daily puzzle is here to play! 🙂