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The Earth, My Lover’s Adorer from God: A Gift From the Heavenly

I think the whole earth adores her, and I think I am blessed to be a gift God placed here for her.

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The Banker’s Sore

A short story set in 19th century England.
A woman overcome with debt is faced with her last day to pay it. Saving grace is rare and goodwill is hard to trust. But she’s been at the hand of mercy for a year and a half already. After all, that’s the burden of being poor. Being the Banker’s sore, and what a sore the banker is.
The banker’s sore is the headache and stress which burdens the poor.

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Kanda Land Intro

V is a simple young woman who’s grown up around narcissists. Her escape is brave and final.
And thus, she embarks on her search for freedom.
But before venturing very far, she remembers someone from her past who had always treated her better.

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The Enemy of My Lover

…But something inside me had broken, and broken my sensibility, too. I wanted to fix this connection that she grew in me, I wanted to make it all right so I could love again. But I only made a bigger mess, and a bigger and bigger and bigger one yet until we both were chin-deep in messiness.

Fiction Short stories wlw

Love on Horseback

A short story set in 1815 of a young woman who falls in love with the masculine daughter of a well-known rancher.