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Elsie at the Beach

A thoughtful day with pizza on the shores of Myrtle Beach.
Elsie remembers precious lost memories while she sits on the sand and overlooks the shore.
And of course, she stops for pizza.

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Kanda Land Intro (EC version)

Vi is a simple young woman who’s grown up around narcissists. Her escape is brave and final.
And thus, she embarks on her search for freedom.
But before venturing very far, she remembers someone from her past who had always treated her better.

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Kanda Land part 9

E and V have been caught in a storm. And this isn’t going the way either of them wanted it to.
Reality hit, and any sense of relief isn’t in sight.
Please note: there is strong language used.

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Kanda Land (Part 3)

Last time, we watched E and V swallow a lot of old emotions after they made it through a rough day, now they have to make it through one more hurdle before the first night of their new adventure…