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Follow up…

The OG Kanda Land

A secret club for all the OG followers of Kanda Land from when it had just come into being 😉

Trivia, Again

We take a hike up to the beautiful falls in Kentucky and some of our pals are reminiscing and enjoying the beauty. Do you know them well enough to guess who said what? Good luck! 💬💬💬

Coffee To-Go

Laura, Kira, and E are down in Kissimmee, refreshing in a coffee shop after exciting adventures. While they get warm, here’s a little trivia 🙂

Oh, The Places They’ll Go!

Our characters are off to vacation! Where do you think they’ll go?! (in light of my just-booked Easter trip 😜)

Breakfast with the Cast 🙂

Mmm, delicious! Did you know that Southern Delights Cafeteria is a real place? Sit down with the KEL trio and have a quick brunch while they catch up. Enjoy!

All About Part 4

How well do you know the story? Remember, the blog search bar can be a great tool if you get stuck 😉

Catching up on KL

Back at it with Episode 7! How well do you know the characters of Kanda Land? You’ve read this portion 😉

Trivia Episode 6

Chapter: “Everness and Neverness,” Kanda Land by Loveless (p. 305)

Fan Trivia

Lil bit easier for you today 🙂 All of these are ones that the original Kanda Land followers will know 😜

Who Said It?

with a couple newish characters 😉 Good luck!

Book Entry!

Enter your guess to get a chance to win a unique peek into the plot of Kanda Land!