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Breakfast with the Cast :)

Mmm, delicious!
Did you know that Southern Delights Cafeteria is a real place?
Sit down with the KEL trio and have a quick brunch while they catch up.

Y’all caught me again! I was about to miss posting today.
I know it’s super duper late, but here is a little snippet AND a fun little quiz 🥰

Have at it!!

A Reunion Over Crepes

Kira’s old Honda pulled into the parking lot of the Southern Delight Cafeteria. Laura could see E already inside through the window, sitting at the bar. She wasn’t surprised that E had gotten there before them; she was a fast walker.

They both got out and Kira beeped her car locked after they closed their doors. Laura moved her sunglasses to the top of her head once they were under the shade. Kira pulled open the door.

“Hey!” Laura went over to E to give her a hug and E’s stress began to melt.

“Hey, how are you?” E smiled, “I’ve not seen either of you in so long.”

Laura laughs; she’d seen E only three and a half months ago. But she guessed it felt a lot longer than that to E.

“Eee!!” Kira embraced her. “It’s been way too long, dude!”

“It has! It has.” E smiles. She feels relief wash over her. These two have been some of her closest friends over the years—at least in the recent years.

“So, what’s good here?” Kira asks, sitting at a table in the small dining area.

“Well, I’ve only been once, but the burgers are great!” E laughs and sits next to her, Laura joins them across from E.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the blueberry stack.” Laura said, perusing the menu.

“Ooh, that sounds good!” E furrows her brow and peruses for what she might decide on.

“Well, we’ll share. You get something and we’ll split each.”

E nodded her head with a content frown, pleased with Laura’s fix. “Okay, well then I will get…. the… Country fried steak with hashbrowns.”

“Why are y’all are getting breakfast foods when it’s the afternoon?” Kira asks them

“You’re the queen of breakfast foods!” E laughs. “I know you’re going to end up picking pancakes with extra breakfast sausage.”

Kira pretend pouts, knowing E is right.

“It’s barely the afternoon.” Laura says. “Besides, I doubt E has eaten today.” She looks at E, remembering that she always said she’s “just not a breakfast person.”

“Fine, I’m getting a salad.” Kira spitefully jokes.

“Yeah right. I want to see you put one leaf in your mouth.” And E cackles when Kira grimaces at that. “See!! You can’t even think of it!”

“You’re right, pancakes are way better.” Kira says, taking off her acting face and trying not to chuckle, “I don’t know what in adulthood possessed me to think I’d order a salad. Blueberry and banana pancakes it is. With a shovel of sausages. And extra whipped cream.”

For only a split moment the table was quiet before E said, “I was waiting for you to order sprinkles.” And she chuckles. Kira scrunches her face and E adds, “Listen, I have nothing against them except that they taste like clay. I cannot stomach them.”

“They’re cutee!!” Kira says, drawing out the word. “But you wouldn’t know because you’re against fun.” And she said it as though she poked fun where she knew she was lying, with her eyebrows raised and a sparkle in her eye and a matter-of-fact face.

“Cut your shit!” E laughs and rolls her eyes knowing that Kira is lying. Laura holds in a chuckle and shakes her head while she still peruses the menu, looking over the drinks.

“You two are children.” She says.

E and Kira pout at the same time and they laugh and jinx each other.


“Okay, for real though, I’m trying your banana pancakes.” E says.

“Fuck no, that’s mine, get your own.”

“Okay, suit yourself. I would have shared my country steak with you.”

Kira purses her lips for a moment. “Did I say get your own? I meant get some for yourself off my plate! Sharing is caring!”

E slugbugs Kira and she exclaims, “Hey!”

And then E responds to her offer, “No, you missed the offer. I hope the bananas are brown.” E jokes and tries to keep a straight face. Laura rolls her eyes at them again.

“Get a fucking room.”

E scrunches her face, but pretends to give Kira eyebrows,  joking a flirt with her. Kira was ‘straight’ anyways. Straight as a bendy straw, but I guess bendy straws are straight in Kira’s world. “It’s probably the weed,” as she would say.

Laura chuckled without looking at them. “You two are something else. How did I miss out on this?” She looks up at them and they both shrug.

“I know, we should be nominated for a comedy show.” Kira says matter-of-factly.

The level of seriousness that always lies in Kira’s voice makes E laugh and she chuckles at her now. “You can do that, I’m out.”

“What? Why? Me and you are the main characters!”

“I don’t want to be in Hollywood!”

“Not Hollywood, dummy, we could always do YouTube.”

E scrunched her face, “I like YouTube, but not being in it.”

The look Kira gave her made her ask “What!”

“You don’t want to be in Hollywood or on YouTube, yet you wanted to be an actor when you grew up.”

“That was in high school because I enjoyed theatre and a girl I liked was in Romeo and Juliet. Theatre was different. My life is a comedy show, now, I’ve had enough of them!” E raises her eyebrows and chuckles.

“Fine, I’ll be a Hollywood star without you.”

“Please. I would love to have a rich friend that could drive me around in Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and old classic cars. You could keep a garage on your mansion property and I would visit. Hey, I could live in a little shack by your house!”

“For me or the cars?”

“The cars.” E says, matter-of-factly. This time, it was Kira’s turn to slug-bug her arm.

“Hey!” They both laugh.

Laura rolls her eyes, but chuckles at them.

“You’d visit me for the cars, too.” Kira says humphily.

“I probably would! You’re right.”

“It’s settled then, I’ll be famous and you two come live in tiny granny pods on my land. Of which I’ll have one-hundred-and-‘eighty acres, just so you know, and I’ll hire you to farm it.”

 “Deal! I’m in!” Laura says.


“Oh come on now.” E says and chuckles.

“Well? I can’t be rich and famous without two friends who live in granny pods and tend my one-eighty-acre land!”

E rolled her eyes with a smile, “Fine, I’m in. But only for the cars. And you have to keep a stable with horses.”

“They’ll be your job, how about that? You’ll tend to the horses—you can have as many as you like—and you can grow carrots and stuff for them.”

E laughs, “Deal.”

“Alright! Now I just need a Hollywood contract and a few million dollars!”

E shakes her head and chuckles.

“What! It’s not that far off! They always say the first step is to dream. Done. And now there’s only two steps left!”

Laura chuckles and shakes her head.

They both were going to let E have an afternoon without needing to think about everything that was going on. Right now, distraction was their job, and they’d do damage control as needed. But right now, E had to be off the clock.

The three friends caught up over pancakes and country fried steak, E and Kira, mostly, but of course, even Laura had stories from the past four months to share. And obviously, E told them about Bre.

Or, build your own!

Hope you enjoyed breakfast with the characters 🙂

Thanks for interacting!


By Alyssa McClure

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