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Caring for the Least Among Us

Where have we failed at love?

I’mma get real in this post, y’all. I know PoppinTalk always aims to share lighthearted things, but sometimes the truth is more important. (However, his post is in no way political nor religious.)

There is a real issue concerning love in our society. People fighting for equality because someone doesn’t feel seen or accepted; treating each other hatefully like animals… and honestly, the root of this issue comes from how we see humanity.

What do you see humanity as? Products of evolution? We’re all fish at heart? How can you look at another human being and value them properly if they’re just another dumb animal that passed the “survival of the fittest” test to you? But that’s not even the issue. That’s not the core of it, at least.

The real issue is this: we’ve forgotten to look at science. The science that says a living kind can only produce those of its kind. That includes human beings. So why are babies considered wads of tissue (as if you can even sum up a human being like that) when they are legitimately products of reproduction. RE-produce. Remaking of what we already are. Living human beings.

Human children are the most devalued people on earth. Those with dark skin, gays, people who prefer to be called specific gender preferences… they’re all loud about not having their desires met. BUT the quietest among us, the children who cannot even speak yet, are silenced even further every day, even to the grave.

They are devalued, morally spat on, and tossed into trash bins, and the gays and every race under the sun think they’ve got it hard. The babies who are discarded through abortion aren’t even given a voice, they aren’t even given a chance to fight for their needs. They demand the very least, and get absolutely nothing. The bar is low, y’all. The bar is low and we keep putting band-aids on, trying to patch up our society,

BUT if we could learn to value human life from the time before all these people even walk, we wouldn’t be having the arguments because EVERYONE would be considered and recognized as valuable. It starts with our young, y’all.

You can’t treat a child right? You can’t provide for those who are most in need? You will never solve the issue of undervalued people groups and unloved human beings.

If you forget that human beings are valuable living beings, you will forget how to treat them. We will all forget how to treat each other with respect and kindness.

I’ve even seen an atrocious joke going around the internet, “Prolife people better be careful when someone gets tapeworms: that worm has a heartbeat and it chose you as its mother!” Hardy har-har. That is disgusting.

You liken a human child to a parasite? You liken a pregnant woman to someone infected by worms? You liken a living human being to an animal that is daily trod underfoot? There is your problem.

If anyone would like to rewind to seventh grade science, you will rediscover that a living thing can only reproduce one of its own kind. Human beings reproduce children. Children are part of the cycle of human life. Tapeworms are not part of the cycle of human life. You spit in science’s face to liken the two. You also sound quite dumb and unlearned to say such a thing, similarly to how you’d sound unlearned to call a baby giraffe a parasite to its mother. That sounded a little differently, didn’t it? Because people have a soft spot for animals that they can’t sacrifice for other human beings. A human being is an inconvenience, but an animal isn’t. This is where society has greatly failed the human race.

A mother’s womb (mother to what? A human mother is obviously mother to another human being) is specifically for carrying and nurturing a human child. Is a human child not worth nurturing? Do babies not deserve basic human care?

The human intestine, however, during the cycle of human life is never intentioned for carrying worms. There is no part in the cycle of human life where a human being is fitted to nurture and grow worms. Do worms crawl through your skin and host on you? Yes, but it is not part of the cycle of human life, nor of human reproduction.

To liken such natural processes to each other shows you’ve turned your head to science and, quite honestly, the intention of caring for fellow human beings.

Until we fix the way we devalue our children, the human race will never properly love nor value nor care for one another. If even the weakest among us are discarded, how does that reflect on us as a society? That we are careless animals who want zero reasons to be selfless. And that just makes us horribly selfish. Stop crying about preferences, until we can get down the core of valuing one another, and learn respect.

In our society today, it always goes “value me first. Help me first. Respect me first.” Me, me, me, does not build a loving society.

That’s all for today.

–A.M.M. #Love_is_a_verb (something you do for one another, not something you only say or claim. Love knows no bounds, it is selfless and unconditional. It seeks to care, keep peace, and resolve, not to disrespect, retaliate, discard, belittle, put down, nor liken to lesser things.)

By Loveless

Author of "Kanda Land", "The Universe Inside Her II: a book of unsorted poetic letters", and transcriber of "The 'Eternal I'" by Amalei Hemworth.

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