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When Life Darkens

God is in the works behind the scenes with something more incredible than you could imagine… especially when all seems lost and hopeless.
When life feels like a tomb, and we are left to grieve our hopes, it’s God of the impossible’s turn to make an incredible miraculous way. Because everything is possible for him.

Emptiness, darkness, death; the end of a dream; the end of a line; the end of hope and strength.

Oh those tombs. Those deaths of people and dreams and plans we loved. We lay flowers upon their graves and grieve them, darkness in eye, lustre lost. These were just as those were who stood at the foot of Jesus’ cross. “I really had hope in this one.” They quietly say before walking away, completely emptied of hope and discouraged. “I really, really had hope in this one.”

But God didn’t stop there when hopelessness set in.

If you have ever mourned a loved one or family member, you know that even just a day feels like forever without them. Like yesterday is just too far away. Like hope and is untouchable and everything slips away out of grasp and there is nothing to do but descend into regret about the time that won’t be back.

But Jesus wasn’t finished when he was lain in the grave.

God is a God of redemption and although in this lifetime we may not see our loved ones again (but will, forever, at the final end and then forevermore with no lost time and full reconciliation!!) our plans and dreams and hopes that are dashed also might just be satan’s attempt at burying God’s blessings in your life.

But God raises what satan buries. What satan means for evil, God turns for good.

The utter hopelessness that all of those who had put their hope in Jesus felt when he hung on the cross and then was laid in the tomb was not the final end.

God fulfilled his promise even when it seemed so out of sight!

Everyone had expected a king to reign forever in Jerusalem, but they got something even better! And Jesus had to be buried for the three days for it to happen. Because he became their full redemption–he became their eternal king who would forgive and redeem every generation ever after them!

How much better is that than a king to rule a country!!?

When hopelessness sets in, know that God is not done. In fact, the darkest times are the times that God most display the most miraculous things.

Just know that when it all seems lost, and as though God has forsaken his promises, he’s just working something even greater behind the scenes

The tomb of Jesus is our reminder of this. God made a promise of redemption, and not only did death not hinder it, it actually superpowered it and is what made the promise work. And God gave the people far more than they could have ever imagined possible. And now we still have the blessing of Jesus’ reign to this day.

So when things get bleak, God is working.

God is a God of redemption, promise-fulfillment, and miracles far beyond our understanding. He is an incredible God!

Today’s worship songs are:
“God, Turn It Around,” by Jon Reddick
“In Jesus Name,” by Katy Nichole

Honorable mentions/extra listens:
“God Is In This Story,” by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave
“Hello, My Name Is,” by Matthew West
“God is On the Move,” by 7eventh Time Down
“Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” by Danny Gokey
“God Is Up to Something,” by Joshua David

You can also give another listen to “Way Maker,” by Leeland featured in Day 2’s Easter post

Have you ever felt discouraged or let down or disappointed by someone or something in your life?

God exceeds expectation. Please hope even (and especially) when all seems lost. Our final hope is in him and eternity will be beautiful even if things don’t get better here. But listen, discouragement and hopelessness are never reasons to stop praying. Reflect on this message that Jesus himself gave about praying despite not receiving answers.

God is a God of miracles an exceeded expectations. But even if he doesn’t show up like we hope, he is still our final and eternal hope, and we have an eternity of joy and security and togetherness and reconciliation waiting for us. Persevere, beloved. You are so near to him–and he is returning soon! Keep awaiting his return with hopefulness.

Oh, beloved, how he adores you and cannot wait to restore you to him and to the perfection he created you to be able to enjoy and longs to restore you to. You are not forgotten or unloved by him. Justice will be served in the end, you can definitely and completely count on that. God will not overlook any small thing you’ve gone through, nor any single tear no matter how silent that you have cried. He sees you and his heart is with you and cannot wait to embrace you.

Rest in the hope and love of Jesus, he waits patiently to see you again. And he is getting that day ready and preparing a place for you even as you read this. He is getting a special place in heaven ready for you to welcome you home to. Keep your hope set in his eternal redemption. This will be your strength. Much love and strength and peace to you, wherever you are or whatever you are going through or whatever you are waiting on or hoping for.

Oh he is a God of wonderful things and he has a wonderful place for you.

Much love this Easter and courage and hope to you, you are strong because he is near to store you up, you do not have to carry this alone or cope alone. You are strong because he is near; nothing needs to be done in your strength. Praise him that his strength is big enough and rest in that. He will carry you. He will carry you through these hard days as we await his fulfilled promises and his return. Find peace in his strength and let him carry you. Rest in him. That is your strength; your strength is in resting in him. He is a gracious God of fulfillment who aches for you.

Do you believe it that God’s affections for you are greater than you could ever comprehend? Oh his love is big and wide and deep and consuming. Justice will be served and you will be welcomed home. Keep resting in him; he will return soon.

Much love and strength and peace to you this Easter and I hope you return for Sunday’s letter about the Affection of Jesus,

Be blessed, may our Lord shine his face on you and pull you out of these hard days with his grace. Amen.


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