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Encouragement on Rainy Days

Sometimes, life feels like a dead-end. Stagnant. “Where the heck is life?” you ask, numbly, sitting on the edge of your bed.
Friend, let me pick up your face with a little light and love:
Read on ❤

Today, I just felt like posting a little something extra. There are days that are just hard. When we need someone there to tell us it’ll be okay. When we just need some support and a hug. When we want very most to not be alone, but push everyone away anyways…

And if we have to go through that alone, what are we supposed to do? As we sit in this excruciating pain? Some things you always should be able to know are these:

  1. You are important.
    Nothing changes that; even if everyone else has their heads in their own world and you feel overlooked and like you’ve got no one there as your advocate. You are important.
  2. You are lovable.
    I hear too many people (especially strangers on the internet) say “you are loved”. But what about when you don’t feel loved? What about when you’re alone and have no one there? You are lovable and still deserve to be loved.
  3. You are worth a lot.
    Even when you feel like you aren’t worth it to anyone, and the whole world could never care about you. You’re worth a lot.
  4. You deserve to be held and hugged.
    Even if you’ve got no one there to embrace you and help you feel okay and put together, and even if no one is there to gather your broken pieces and help you put them together, so you’re not sitting alone in your own painful shards; even if you don’t have that security of a second person to work through this with, you deserve to be held and loved and hugged.
  5. You deserve to be safe.
    You deserve safety from everyone you are around, from your environment, and especially from your home. If you aren’t safe there, you deserve to find someplace better and be welcomed in without judgement. You deserve to be safe.
  6. You are precious.
    You are a gift and a blessing. You might not feel like it; other people may not treat you like it; but that does not change your inherent value. It does not mean you are worthless to be outcasted or treated like you mean nothing. You are not nothing. You are something. And you are significant. You mean a lot, and you deserve to. You are precious.
  7. You are a gift. You are a blessing.
    I wrote this above, but it deserved to be bolded, because it is so true. Whether or not it is reflected in your environment or through the people around you. You never deserve to feel like an inconvenience or a burden. You are a gift ♥ You are a blessing. ♥
  8. You are not a burden.
    You are not a burden. You are not an inconvenience. And neither is your pain. Neither are your struggles or your past. You are not a burden. Nothing about you deserves to be treated like a burden. You gotta find people who will love on you and support your healing. You need to find a group of people who “can handle” you. Because there are people out there who can. You are not difficult. You are hurting and unsure and distrusting.
  9. Light can always permeate your darkness.
    You’re not too fucked up. You’re not too far gone. It’s not too late. It never is, as long as you are here, it is never too late. You deserve to be the better person that you want to be, and every day is a new chance to take another step. Every day is an opportunity for you to become new. You always can. You can. Light can always permeate your darkness. There is no darkness too dark, no mire too thick for the love of God to walk through and sit in and sort through. Yes, baby, he wants your mess. Your mess. Your darkness cannot dim his light. You are not beyond the ability to be whole. You are not too broken to be whole or beyond wholeness.
  10. There is hope for you yet.
    Your trust is now, what it is only now. There is healing. There are people to trust and places to trust. Of security that will welcome you with warmth and joy. You deserve that. That light and love and warmth and trust and healing. You will be able to trust again. Find the people who will love you right and one day, you won’t have to doubt love and security.
  11. Today is only today. And tomorrow is not here yet.
    Today can be bad, yesterday could have been bad, years and years can have been bad, but today is still only today. And tomorrow is still a new day and it only takes one day for a miracle to happen. It only takes a minute, or even just a second. …But the things you dread about tomorrow? Do not carry your worry of it today. All you can do is shore yourself up and prepare, and let tomorrow be tomorrow. You’ve gotten through things before. Your strength is more than you think it is. Carry it tomorrow, let today have peace, and hope in peace that can come in a miracle.
  12. You don’t have to always be strong.
    I wrote before that your strength is more than you think it is. But you are tired, you don’t want to have to be strong anymore. That is okay. You do not have to try to be strong. You don’t. But you will get through it. You will. However hard it is, and however little strength you feel you have; you can get through this, even feebly. The day will pass, it will go by, and then it will be in the past and it won’t be there anymore. That takes only existing to get through. Nothing more. It’s okay to just let things pass. You don’t have to always be strong. You can get through this anyways 🙂
  13. Everything has its time.
    Everything has a time. Everything. This situation. A miracle. …It’s so easy to get lost in the familiar pattern of life and believe that it will just always be this way. We are stuck in our limited time with eyes that cannot see beyond right now, and that so limits our sight of blessings to come–which come so unexpectedly; even when we least expect them. Maybe this is why we can’t see them-so they can be unexpectedly wonderful. This has its time. Right now had it’s time. There is a time for weeping, for dancing; for joy, for sorrow; for celebrating, and for mourning; for loss and for gain; for planting and for harvest. Don’t give up. It may not have happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it never will.
  14. Have a little fun.
    Life is hard enough. Escape and relax a little bit with this puzzle that is full of tips for hard days like this. It was written and created with love and for encouragement ❤ I hope you feel this love while you play it, and while you’ve sat here with me and let me speak love into you.

    Sit down, just breathe, and just take one step at a time. The only step you need to take is the one right in front of you. Just like that. See? Breathe and be 🙂 ♥ It’s all going to be okay.

    Thank you for meeting me here today, I wish you many blessings and much peace,

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