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A God Love

It’s never-ending. It’s definite and infinite. It’s something you can count on time and time again. Something that sees you in your mess and still loves you.

He loves you like that 💙❤

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Hope for Today

Discouragement might quite honestly mean that hope is nearer than you think ❤
(Hope for Today)

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Calling all those in Recovery who want to share their story!

Welcome, beautiful soul! Thank you so much for joining us today! ❤ Reposted from Testimonies for Hope: Calling all those in Recovery who want to share their story! We have a startup initiative going to serve as a hub of hope for those who are seeking help! Join us in our efforts by sharing your […]

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Hope for Today

Find peace and strength for what you are facing today.

And remember, don’t borrow tomorrow’s worries 🙂

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What Controls Today?

Not this fear. Not this mess. Not this world.
God writes today.
Every day I make a mess of my life, every day that fear strikes, every day that regret comes knocking, I remember that God is still the King.

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Come You Who Are Weary

…and I will give you rest.” -Your Savior.

You are never too far gone. Never too dark or broken or dirty. Never too deep in the pit for God to reach in and take you out and set you in his presence of light and peace.

You. You have hope. Come. You belong. Welcome home, beloved; it’s been a long road ❤

The God of the Universe loves you and sees you and is reaching out to you.

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Living In the End Times

“For I have told you the end from the beginning.”
The clock is running out on God’s 7-Millenia Plan

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Okay, okay, we messed up a little bit. We skipped Hint ‘ums 15-22 when we wound up the series again!
We’re righting our wrongs, so here we restart with volume 15!


The Greatest Perfection

It cannot be tainted by your imperfections…

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Encouragement on Rainy Days

Sometimes, life feels like a dead-end. Stagnant. “Where the heck is life?” you ask, numbly, sitting on the edge of your bed.
Friend, let me pick up your face with a little light and love:
Read on ❤