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When Hope Feels Lost

Is it?
Where is hope? You feel like all you do is lose these days, eh? I understand that feeling all too well, so I hope I’m able to offer you a little bit of strength today.

All we have left to do is stand, so let us stand.💙

Have you ever felt like you’ve only been seeming to lose? Like every door you walk in front of is shut? Like every of your efforts is as though pulling an elephant up Everest?

V is about to learn that, even when it feels like all of these impossible things, it doesn’t have to make sense to her to be possible ❤

Is it true that “What is meant for you can’t pass you or will always find its way”? Or is nothing meant for me? Because nothing works out. V frowned. I feel like I’m always losing.

She hadn’t heard anything from any of them all this week. All the pain within her overflowed. She wanted nothing more than to have never existed. But she didn’t have any tears left to cry, so she sat with a heavy spirit that ripped inside her while her body could do no more than sit and stare blankly and dreadfully.

She’d had this heavy and weak spirit for as long as she could remember. Love had been the only cure to it, but this lifelong curse of lovelessness has only made this thick and heavy chasm grow wider and deeper and more consuming. She felt utterly alone in a thick black sea.

V felt it had made sense for them to reconnect when they did; but then, why did they drift back apart? She prayed and wondered about it.

“You are within my time. Don’t you know I can restore and redeem whatever I purpose? V, though it feels impossible, trust me.” He said to her and she wrote it down.

“Okay, God, but how? How are you going to?”

“In a way that I have purposed. I will fulfill whatever I purpose. Do you believe that I fulfill what I begin?”

“Yes, God, I do.”

“Then trust me. I will do what only I can do. I will finish what I started out to do from the beginning of time.”

“‘Trust Me’,” Kanda Land, Loveless (p. 613-614)

Has God been speaking to you this week? God will always reach out in our trials; even if it seems he’s been quiet for decades, he has not forgotten you.

What has he been saying? Write it down in a journal.

Though it is the easiest thing to do to lose hope, we must realize that God is the only One worthy of our hope. Who else can see past present and future all at once and since before it began? Who else has made every dust of the earth and every human being? Who else paves every path? No one.

Even though all hope seems lost, there is still no reason to give up hope. Why give up hope just because you haven’t seen the answer yet? I know, broken heart 🤕 I know. I know that hope feels scarce. But if faith is something we can give up on now, then what ever was it?

All there is left to do is stand. Put on your armor to protect your mind from lies, and stand. This is our only hope. And so we must cling to it. Why not?

Why not, bleeding heart? When this is all there is left to do. It is all we have, so we must hope in it. We must never give up hope, even when it hurts. Even if we get mad and feel betrayed and feel left behind and forgotten. All we have left is to hope, so let us not trample it underfoot. Let us hold it as a banner. Or maybe as a white flag. But let us stand. Hope deferred doesn’t mean hope is gone forever. It just means it isn’t here yet.

Open the word and find the word God wrote for you. Listen for him speaking. Seek him. Your heart will reach him.

Much love,


P.S. God is outside time: he wouldn’t promise something that he didn’t already see fulfilled up ahead. He sees it already, even if you can’t. It is done. It is good as completed, because it will be.

Rest clinging to this. And abide as you wait. ❤

By Alyssa McClure

Popp!nTalk is a place I share all of my love and positive thoughts to stand out from all the negative and give you a place to put up your feet and rest- Whether that be during the workweek or on the weekends. Easy, quick reads to give you a smile and something pleasant to think about. Unique, entertaining, positive. Live on :) #loveisaverb

One reply on “When Hope Feels Lost”

So here is a question to ponder on today:
Why turn your back on the last thing you’ve got left?

Hope doesn’t require eyes for a reason: you don’t have to see it yet for it to be there 💙


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